Panchakarma Experiences

Participants share powerful experiences from Vibrant Life, the Panchakarma Retreat

“The staff at the retreat center was extremely attentive, caring for every small detail with full interest in my well being. The rooms were lovely, and the surrounding mountains are absolutely spectacular. What matters most though, is that I felt a deep sense of lightness and healthfulness upon departure. When I returned home I received comments that my face was glowing, and that I looked 10-15 years younger.”

Susan Watts

New York


“Ayurveda is an amazing health care system. It touches every fabric of your being and brings you to a more equilibrium (state). The type of yoga is the real-deal and it just makes a difference in how the day flows. It helped me find myself again and reconnect with myself and my connection to all.”

Kristene Gross



“I’m leaving here feeling much better than when I arrived… I arrived with non-specific complaints and after my stay; I just left feeling like my body wasn’t dragging on me anymore. I was just happy like a kid and I was just running around.”




“This was an amazing cleanse on all different levels– physical, emotional, spiritual. This is what I felt, everyone should have the opportunity to do panchakarma and not only once but every year… just very transformative in ways that will surprise you.”




“And it’s been much more than a spa treatment it. It has been getting my health back. It has been getting my spirit back. It has helped me to retrain myself, to center myself and be the person that I really always wanted to be. The staff here works with you, supports you and gives you the tools you need in your toolbox in order to go home and start putting those items in your life.”




“My mind is much calmer.  I have more perspective of life.  A better way of thinking of problems and resolving them.  My mind is much clearer.  My body feels lighter.  It’s a totally new transformation.  I feel like a new person.”




“I am so much calmer…I’ve learned how to be still. My mind definitely is not wandering as much– more focused. It’s just amazing! I’m like, oh, this is what being still feels like.”




“The diet and exercise is so much more customized in an ayurveda as opposed to a generic prescription we give out to patients.  So once I realize how well they [ayurveda and allopathy] complement each other, I became a total fan of ayurveda.”

Dr. Usha P., MD



“This detox program was the best thing I did for my body.  I compare it to taking my car to get fully detailed and how great it feels to drive it afterwards.”




“I learned a lot about Ayurveda. The treatments were wonderful and left me energized. The people I met were amazing. The feeling of contentment and joy at the end.”­

Janira Denis



“There was time to reflect and a spaciousness and general kindness and happiness that one does not find everywhere. So it’s nurturing spiritually, it’s nurturing emotionally. The silence is very nurturing…this is a gift for your entire being.”




“I think you are definitely more relaxed, or a lot of it can be that you are out away from your regular place of work, regular responsibilities, routine…that allows you much better interaction both with teachers, instructors, as well amongst as the group.”




“I didn’t know I would learn so much that I could take home with me. Just a lot of practical information – they make it common sense… I feel like I can actually go home and do some of this.”




“Here I was able to reacquaint myself with my environment without transposing it into something that I have to deal with…it reawakens some of the things that sometimes we need to be reminded of, especially in varying situations.”




“I can honestly tell you that I think everything was better than I expected – every aspect of it…I moved from hesitant…to, “This was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”




“My back was actually quite tight and jammed, so that it was hard to lift much. But with all the massage treatments and various oil treatments, I’m feeling a lot better. I came here to rejuvenate myself and improve my digestion and to feel healthy. This is a beautiful setting in the mountains and it’s nice to have the whole place to yourself.”




“I came here to relieve the stress I feel in my life and I feel no stress at all right now. I also wanted to get healthy. I felt like I had toxins that had built up over my life and I feel like they’ve all just been released…I feel healthy. I feel lighter. I feel clean. I feel energetic. I was so lethargic back home everyday and now I just want to climb the mountain.”


North Carolina


“As a healthcare professional, I know the importance of self-care and this was a gift that I gave to myself to recalibrate and re-energize myself on all different levels – my mind, my body, my spirit, emotions. And the staff, the center, the surrounds here were absolutely fabulous and touched me very deeply.”




“It was a huge surprise – a positive one. It was a refreshing week where I could relax a lot with lots of new knowledge so it was good to know new things and be in touch with knowledge and be closer to this energy and closer to the master.”




“It’s a good beginner’s program to get your feet wet in aryuvedic medicine. There are lectures that teach you the basics. This detox program is one to at least get yourself started in a different path of health.”




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