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4 Ways to Feel Better Now

Last week I received some alarming news about a family member. Afterwards, I felt anxious, jumpy and overwhelmed. My brain was so flooded with stress hormones I felt paralyzed and was struggling to remember any of my self-care tools! Can you relate? Here are the things I do (and advise my clients, family and friends to do) when I need to feel good FAST:
  1. Try earthing. Science is showing that reconnecting with the earth’s electrons can have enormous physiological and psychological benefits. I recommend lying on your belly on a blanket in the backyard for at least 15 minutes, ideally longer.
  2. Lower anxiety and promote good sleep with legs up the wall. Usually 10-15 minutes is all you need. Many report feeling like a new person after this yoga posture. It’s an amazingly effective awesome re-set!
  3. Walk around the block. I’m a huge fan of incremental self-care. You don’t need to power walk or run a marathon to feel the benefits of moving. Pick a new route, unplug and take a 15-20 minute jaunt. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature and imagine your worries releasing through the soles of your feet as you hit the pavement (or trail!).
  4. Shake it off. Trauma specialist Dr. James Gordon has found 5 minutes of vigorous body shaking (or dancing) can generate long-lasting relief from stress and trauma.
After getting my feet on the forest floor and then walking around my neighborhood with a friend, I could feel my body let go and my mind began to come back online. The issues are in the tissues. When we remember how connected our minds and bodies are and make the choice to course correct and do something different, we can find healing and release. Move a muscle, change a thought. Reposted with permission from reneetrudeau.com.

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