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5 Signs of Negative Energy

“I’m getting negative vibes.”

How often do we hear people say that when they cannot explain why they feel like running away from certain people or situations? Unfortunately, the reality is that negative energy that feels dark, abusive, and heavy can fill environments, people, and even our minds. But there are signs we can look out for to deal with negativity for better health and more happiness.

1. Cynicism

We tend to judge or doubt others more when energy is low or negative. So whenever you feel cynical or bitter, check your prana. Your mind-body complex is likely in need of a boost of life energy.

2. Criticism and Tendency to Complain

When you are living a cynic’s life, you criticize everyone around you, including yourself. You tend to constantly judge, compare, or look down upon any remotely positive development around you. As the law of attraction suggests, when you spend years being critical of yourself and others—immersed in negative energy—you also manifest more negative people and situations that perpetuate the cycle of criticism and negativity.

3. Sleep Disorders

Studies suggest that when the mind reels in constant negative thinking, especially at bedtime, it can worsen insomnia caused by psychological stress. “Based on a sample of 507 undergraduates, the current study demonstrates that the observed positive correlation between self-perceived stress and insomnia severity is moderated by the tendency to engage in repetitive negative thinking (RNT) at bedtime,” the study states.

The study also showed the stress-insomnia relationship was aggravated in those who engaged in repetitive negative thinking when they had preexisting insomnia.

4. Poor Health

Have you ever noticed that people who love to complain about how unwell they are or how poor their health is, people who love to talk about their aches and pains, tend to manifest more ailments to complain about? Meanwhile, those with a positive, enthusiastic outlook on life fall sick but bounce back in no time.

Quantum theorists tell us we are made of the wave function and not just matter. So, it is inevitable that our mind and life energy influence our physical health. If you are thinking good thoughts, your mind is strong and positive; it’s bound to reflect in your state of mind and body. 

“A strong mind can carry a weak body, but a weak mind cannot even carry a strong body.” —Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

5. Negative Emotions

One of the most significant signs of negative energy is the tendency to spend more time experiencing negative emotions like anger, frustration, envy, revenge, and pessimism. Are you a glass-half-empty kind of person? Do you often feel angry or compare yourself to others and come up short?

Read on to find out how to bring positivity into your life and dispel the negativity once and for all.

How to Deal with Negativity

“No person is born negative or bad. It is just that sometimes the positivity and happiness which is our very nature gets covered in stress or ignorance.” —Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Now that we know some of the symptoms, here are a few things we can do to return to our very nature, our core, which is positivity and bliss.

Look at the company you keep. Your friends can uplift you to bliss or take you down to darkness and negativity. The company we keep is a very important factor that determines the direction and overall mind space. Good company—positive people engaged in constructive pursuits—can uplift your mind, as opposed to drawing down into similar energy of heaviness and negativity.

Look at the food you eat. We often underestimate the value of eating sattvic, light, fresh food on the state of our mind every day. But eating healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced meals that are light on the stomach can go a long way in keeping our spirits and energy levels high.

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Meditate. This is the easiest tool to rid the mind of negative impressions in just 15–20 minutes. A short blissful meditation is enough for you to invoke peace, love, and joy. Here’s everything you need to know about meditation.

Exercise. Activities like working out, yoga, walking, sports, and hiking lower stress levels, allowing you to better cope with negative emotions. Bonus points for getting out into nature. Who can feel negatively surrounded by fresh air, birds, trees, and the beautiful sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors?

Stay positive. Occasional bad feelings are unavoidable but don’t blow things out of proportion by going over them repeatedly in your mind. Fill your time with pleasant activities like reading, walking, and time with friends. And stop comparing yourself to others. Use the law of attraction another way—to manifest positivity by putting it out yourself.

Make positivity a part of your bedtime routine. If you’re one of the millions of insomniacs kept awake by the ruminating mind, nip it in the bud with a bedtime routine that fills your mind with all the great things in your life. Journaling, meditation, quiet time with family, and plenty of self-care will have you sleeping like a baby with a head full of happy dreams.

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Let go of the past. Should have, could have, would have—constantly reliving negative events takes you out of the present moment. Forgive those who have done you wrong and, even more so, forgive yourself.

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When you stop coping with negative feelings and emotions in unhealthy ways—ignoring, withdrawal, avoidance, destructive or risky behaviors—and take the time to understand the underlying issues and find productive ways to manage them, you’ll gain greater emotional resilience and well-being. Remember: positive thoughts attract positive results!




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