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A Brand New Intuitive Game (Ah-ha!)

One of the things that we do in my Costa Rica workshops is work with the energetic boundaries of the horse. Blindfolded, participants are asked to safely feel their way through the energetic signals that the horse is sending out. Most people assume they won’t be able to feel anything–and yet they’re all been amazed by the signals they were able to pick up from the horse.

In my mind, it worked so well because horses send out such strong signals. I never thought of trying it with other animals.

Until last night!

Last night, Tuukka was playing with her favorite ball in the backyard. Most of the time we play fetch but I was in a different mood and started to change the game to “catch me.” In this game, I act like I’m going to “get her” and she watches me and runs away at the last moment—loving every minute of it.

I noticed that, as I was really slowly stalking her, she would twitch an ear or drop the ball for a moment. This reminded me of what we did with the horses—each time I entered her energy field (they extend out from her in circles), she would have a reaction.

So, I stopped playing for a moment. I got out of stalking “catch me” mode and went back to fetch energy. Now, when I moved toward her—she didn’t react.

Hmm … again. So interesting!

I realized that she was opening up her field so that I could enter and play fetch! But I wanted to test it.

Sure enough, when I went back into “Catch Me” mode and began stalking her—she shifted. She’d blink and eye when I stepped forward or turn her head or flip her ear…

I was thinking about my discovery all night. It’s funny that, with how much I know about animals, I’d assumed that only horses were working with their energy in this way. I’m laughing at myself about how completely obvious it is that ALL animals are doing this. It’s one of the ways they survive! The difference with dogs or other domesticated animals is that they let down their guard more easily – and quite a bit faster because they depend on us for their survival.

I progressed the game with Tuukka to the point where I could just switch the feeling of my energy from Catch Me to Fetch and she would react. I didn’t even have to move! And THIS made me feel so grateful that she had let me into her life.

Try it yourself and let me know below. (Try appropriately! Not all animals in your life are going to be open to “Catch Me” energy—you may have to find one that is more suitable for your situation.)

Love and Light,

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