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Artist Retreats – Explore Your Creative Side

Artist Retreats Creativity is a muscle, and like other muscles, it needs to be exercised. The challenge for those with artistic souls is finding a way to exercise that muscle when so much time is spent on work, home stresses, and more.

While practicing your preferred craft is a great way to start working out your creative muscles, there are times when you need something more – a chance to reconnect with your artistic self, and a muse that you can use to inspire your creative works for the future.


Benefits of Artist Retreats

Since our founding, we’ve offered several different types of retreats, including Ayurveda retreats, spa healing retreats, and more. These retreats attract people from all walks of life. But we have found that some of our visitors that seem to best enjoy their experience are artists.

This is because artists, perhaps more than any other group, benefit the most from reconnecting with both nature and themselves. Spiritual and healing centers have many benefits that make them ideal as an artist retreat, including:

  • Cleared Mind – Healing retreats help to slow the world down. They are relaxing, and able to calm your mind from the stresses of the day. This allows the analytical side of your mind to rest, and the creative/artistic side to start to take over.
  • Fresh Air and Nature – Any artist retreat would be incomplete without a chance to spend time with nature, and these types of healing retreats provide just that. At all times you are surrounded by beauty, which stimulates your creative juices and clears up the busyness of the city.
  • Better Sense of Self – Creativity comes from inside you. Artist retreats give you the chance to tune out all of the outside influences that you receive in your life from work, TV – even friends and family, so that you can bring out your own artistic ideas.

Retreats are also energizing, and many people leave these getaways feeling like they are ready and motivated to take on anything that they had envisioned.


Types of Artist Retreats at the Art of Living Retreat Center

Each retreat has its own unique strategies and perspectives, so choosing between them is really about addressing yourself: what is it you feel like you could benefit from most for both your personal side and your creative side.


Upcoming retreats include:
Storytelling For Change with JAC Patrissi

The Art of Bewilderment with Nick Flynn

The Art of Letting Go with Heather Allen Hietala

Deep Writing Workshop with Dr. Eric Maisel

Yoga & Writing with Karen Kenney


Every artist deserves a chance to explore their own creative soul. Let our retreats help inspire you, and provide new energy to put into your chosen craft.

Interested in learning more about programs at the Art of Living Retreat Center? Check out our annual catalog here.


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