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At a Crossroads: Christina’s Story


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I was at a crossroads going on adventures, doing trade work, and not really knowing what I wanted to do next. I decided to look up teacher training. This one being located in the mountains and the peacefulness is everything I’m all about. My experience has been amazing. I changed a lot in a small amount of time.

This program gave me a new sense of life, a new perspective on people, myself, and this universe. I have been open understanding that others think differently. Now I feel more open minded, open to others and their cultures, and being who I am, another being in this universe. Val did an unbelievable job. The way she integrated so many different teachers and perspectives. She taught the connections between the subtle body and physical body, and so much more than the physical postures.

My personal practice makes me a more calming, loving person. Because of it I want to do more for others. After this program I am more open to that. My favorite part of yoga is the energy you feel during and after, connecting the breath to your movements, and how it flows. Yoga is a flow of energy and consciences.


“This program gave me a new sense of life, a new perspective on people, myself, and this universe.”



Happiness is about opening up your heart to others and yourself, and being okay with not knowing everything about life. Being okay with letting the universe taking you wherever you need to be, and understanding that you are in the right place. I don’t think you can find happiness, it is something that is already in you. You just need to look within and get rid of the external distractions to get in touch with it.

Everyone here is very welcoming and helpful. Ive met so many awesome people. I love hearing how and why they came here. Their stories have been amazing. I’ve formed more bonds than I expected. Ive connected with so many people in a lot of different ways. Seeing the world in a different way has helped open our minds to the possibilities in this world.


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