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Roasted Acorn Squash

As fall approaches, acorn squash (along with its cousins butternut and delicata) arrives in the produce department of your local grocery store.  Baked acorn squash with its golden interior and bright green skin is a delicious fall treat, warming, grounding and comforting for a chilly day.  This easy to digest squash is loaded with fiber, and …

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Graduate Story: Sri Sri School of Yoga Teacher Training

How do you gauge if Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training is for you? One powerful way is to hear others’ experiences. Here we share graduate Anna Chigo’s story, and discover why the training was such a transformative experience for her. Anna’s Story Sri Sri School of Yoga Teacher Training was one of the major transformative …

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Dosha Overview

We all have different body types, disposition to illnesses, different lifestyle preferences, and different sets of personality traits. We have unique behavioral patterns and we respond to similar situations differently and uniquely. Some people love the hot weather and others prefer cooler climates and cold foods and beverages. Some have a sweet tooth, others cannot …

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