Jurian Hughes

Aging Gracefully - the Art of Living Retreat Center

Aging in the Middle

I posted a question on Facebook this past week: “What’s been the greatest gift to you, so far, in growing older?” I was blown away by the number of thoughtful, funny and inspiring responses that came in. Clearly, I’m not alone in finding both challenge and gratitude in the process of aging. The desire to …

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Inner Makeover - the Art of Living Retreat Center

Makeovers: Then and Now

I recently posted a question on my FB page, “What one piece of advice would you give to your 13-year-old self?” The responses were quite moving (with the exception of the odd-man-out who unabashedly stated, “Hit on more girls.” Oy. Clearly not one of my peeps. A good reminder to check out all friend requests.) There …

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