Jeff Warren

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation AOL9511

10 Good Breaths Meditation

This is a busy person’s meditation. Ten breaths. That’s it. A modest one-minute reset intended to take some of the wind out of the sails of whatever story line you’ve been racing around inside. The idea is simple: wherever you are, in any situation or mental state, count ten long, slow breaths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK73PlJzCTc

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Meet Jeff Warren

Meet Jeff Warren—the meditation teacher for fidgety skeptics! Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics Join Jeff at the Art of Living Retreat Center to learn what it means to be your own teacher, able to “MacGyver” your meditation to fit your unique circumstances and nervous system, always curious about and alert to new openings and possibilities. LEARN …

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