The Lyme Disease Epidemic: A Call For Integrative Medicine

  Lyme disease is the #1 fastest spreading infectious illness in the USA, with over 300,000 cases contracted annually, and a mere 10% properly diagnosed or treated. Often mistaken for autoimmune illnesses, a broad spectrum of Integrative Medicine modalities are necessitated for recovery from the chronic form. Doctors, especially in the Southeastern states, have little …

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lavinia with cat

And Now, Rest

“…rest is the vital principle which recuperates. It regalvanizes the nerve-centres, collects the scattered forces and so reinvigorates the body.” Genevieve Stebbins, Dynamic Breathing and Harmonic Gymnastics ©1892     I was in a dance class the other day where we were moving in 4/4. One of the steps was a syncopated turn in 3 …

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