Some Brief Guidance on Being Present

Traveling today, into the West.

May all beings be happy,
and peaceful.

I encourage you as the recipient of these images
photographed at the Art of Living Retreat Center,
o make a simple, subtle choice.



Extend your awareness towards what is.

In your localized experience of humanity.

Be kind.

Be grateful.

Feel loved and cared for.

Being Present

Among all creatures, you are endowed with awareness.

With awareness, you can organize thought.

With awareness, you can see where we are as a culture.

With awareness, you can choose to heal.

Let the go of the fixed mind.

Surrender to what is present, now.

Now is the vital current within which you exist.

That is still becoming.

Looking for a reboot? Relax and rejuvenate with Randal Williams and Mark Gerow at Reboot: Mindful Hiking & Deep Yoga Relaxation Weekend at the Art of Living Retreat Center from September 27–29, 2019.

williams headhsotRandal Williams, M.A., M.Sc., is a mindfulness-based, client-centered educator and doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, strongly focused on integrative care and the role of compassion in healthy development and aging. He has taught for 25 years at leading holistic retreat centers, emphasizing heart-centered inspiration and appreciation for accessibility and diversity.

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