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Blood Orange Mood Boost

Blood orange is the quintessential aromatic of joie de vivre.

Its citrusy smell lifts our mental outlook and emotional response to remind us of the joy of life. Invoke the bright, juicy aroma of blood orange to alleviate stress, enhance positive energy, and elicit feelings of delight.

The beauty of blood orange invites us to erupt in spontaneous good feelings and the desire to share that cheer with others.

Blood orange is a wonderful oil for working in areas of heaviness from our past and transmuting them to places of joy. This allows us to expand into states of being and flow that are harmonious and fluid, where synchronicity and emotional clarity become the habitual manner of self-expression.

For those of you who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, blood orange is a must-have for your Aromatic Arsenal. It encourages us to see beyond the doldrums of the cold, gray days of the colder months and feel inspired, renewed, and reconnected to the brightness that exists within us.

Combine the power of affirmations with Blood Orange essential oil to harness the power of the present moment, engage your vital life force, and anchor your intentions.

Inhale one drop of Blood Orange while inviting in the clarity of your intention and affirm:

“I give myself permission to be healthy and whole on every level.”

“I invite in the highest, most consistent experience and expression of joy in my life.”

“My heart sings in joyful harmony.”

Making your own medicine is incredibly fulfilling, and is the very heart of true aromatherapy. If you enjoy creating your own DIY synergies, you will love crafting this uplifting room mist synergy below:

“Get Your Best Mood On” Room Mist

– 7 drops Blood Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)
– 5 drops Patchouli essential oil (Pogostemon cablin)
– 4 drops Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens)

Blend into a spritzer bottle 30 ml distilled water.

Essential Oils & Emotional Resilience

When we consider elevating our mood, we may desire to feel more expressive, free, centered, joyful, inspired, and creative – to achieve emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience means giving ourselves permission to feel good despite what’s happening all around us.

You have the power to claim your joy.

The use of essential oils through aromatic neural repatterning helps us to separate our own experience of feeling from the emotions and mood we’re witnessing from others. It awakens the spark of divinity within, which allows us to transmute triggers of stress, anger, or sorrow.

This assists in keeping our own channel clear and creating greater levels of clarity and connection to our own true source within. We can best serve ourselves and others through our own experience and expression of feeling good.

This allows our essential oils to become tools of empowerment, elevating our magnetic point of attraction with the universal forces of benevolence along our individual journey of self-mastery.

Reposted with permission from thesoulinstitute.co.

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