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Panchakarma for Weight Loss

One can be overweight for a variety of reasons—genetics, diet, lack of physical activity, lack of proper sleep, hormonal imbalances, and medications, just to name a few. Excess body fat increases the risk for several types of cancer and is also an open invitation to cardiac problems, respiratory ailments, digestive ailments, joint problems, and problems …

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Ayurveda & Spring Allergies

Are you congested? Do you have sinusitis, stuffy, dull headaches, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and dry itchy skin? Spring weather can be glorious and green with flowers and trees blossoming. On the other hand, environmental allergies can make you miserable and often trigger asthma or eczema; in fact more than 50 million Americans suffer from …

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Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Memory (At Any Age!)

It is so interesting to note that today you don’t need to remember a lot of important stuff—computers, smart phones, Alexa, Google, and all that modern technology do most of that work for us. Humans in ancient cultures relied on their brain not only to store and retrieve important information needed for learning, action, and …

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Six Ayurvedic Tips to Manage Your Health This Fall

Last year at this time, many of us were excited about the upcoming holidays—corn mazes, get-togethers, and pumpkin lattes! This fall, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and quarantine fatigue may have set in. The economy is re-opening slowly; we are grappling with concerns around safety, a second wave, economic security, jobs, …

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6 Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation (and How Ayurveda Can Help!)

“What is her name?” you think frantically to yourself as you see an acquaintance walking towards you at a social gathering. She waves and you put a big smile on your face, hoping that by the time she arrives you’ll remember her name saving you from yet another embarrassing social encounter. You blame your heavy …

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