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Healing Journeys of Ayurveda: Amy’s Story

Small changes can make a huge difference. Amy, one of our recent Panchakarma and Happiness Program participants, shares how much her life has changed since coming to the Art of Living Retreat Center – she’s happier, healthier, and forty pounds lighter! Happening Upon Health I love the program. I happened upon the Art of Living …

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Ayurvedic Detox (Part 3): Panchakarma

Ayurveda, the holistic medicine from India, has given us the ultimate way to detoxify the body-mind: Panchakarma. Panchakarma, or the “five actions,” is a time-tested cleansing process that releases stored toxins and restores the body’s innate healing ability. It is a series of therapies that helps remove deep rooted stress while balancing the body-mind types …

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Finding a Panchakarma Program For You

Ayurveda teaches us that optimum health relies on our ability to metabolize life fully—not just in terms of the food we’re eating, but also our emotions and experiences. When we’re not able to assimilate nourishment, toxins build up, causing emotional unrest and physical illness. Through the cleansing power of panchakarma, we can release these toxins …

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Panchakarma Compared: Deep Cleansing for Your Tissues

Panchakarma Compared Is it that time of year, when the body’s grown sluggish or tired and you’re looking into cleansing? How does Panchakarma differ from other fads and cleanses? What are its specific benefits? In quest of these answers, in our last post we approached Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, an Ayurvedic practitioner based on Northern California, to …

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