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Easy Yoga for Kids

Picture this: Mountains tumbling into headstands. Headstands morphing into speeding cycles. Bridges collapsing into roaring lions. Sound like a movie? Actually, they’re just scenes from a normal household where a child plays the lead role. Heavy on drama, kids are also born acrobats. Yoga postures, for instance, are natural poses for a child. In fact, …

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Mental Health and Machismo: How to Help the Men You Love

Research indicates that more women than men suffer from mental health issues, but perhaps much of the difference scientists find when evaluating the prevalence of certain disorders has to do with societal expectations on gender and mental health. Men and women share the same neurotransmitters affecting mood, but hormonal differences result in displaying certain disorders …

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Back to School with Meditation, and More!

It’s that time of year here in the US—kids are back in school! A great way parents and teachers can prepare them for all the challenges that will come their way—tests, extra-curriculars, bullying, time management, study habits and skills—gain relief from stress, and increase their mental powers is introducing them to the power of meditation …

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The Ayurvedic Lunchbox for Kids

Just like adults, every child’s body is made up of the three doshas—vata, pitta, kapha. Vata-type kids are usually lean with an irregular appetite. Pitta children have a moderate physique and a sharp appetite. Kapha kids are solid, with mild appetites and slower digestion. No matter what constitution your child favors, it’s important to understand …

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7 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves About Anxiety

We sat down with Harry Monga and Narciso Cruz to talk about how anxiety affects children today, and what parents can do about it. Harry and Narciso teach the YES! Program full-time in schools in the NY/NJ metropolitan region and in communities across the nation. During the summers, Harry and Narciso teach youth programs at …

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