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Pressure Points to Relieve Stress

Little else is so all-consumingly painful as a pounding stress or tension headache—when your eyes water and everything appears blurry and irrelevant. It can make you irritable and moody, and ruin your day. Calling on acupressure techniques may provide symptom relief whether your headache is just starting or you’re already in the throes of it. …

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3 Ayurvedic Oils for Massage at Home

What are the benefits of using essential oils in Ayurveda? They are plentiful! Using Ayurvedic oils for massage at home can help you manage weight, sleep better, achieve clearer skin, and de-stress. Vata and Kapha body types benefit most from warming oils, especially sesame oil to offer relaxation. Pitta people have a type-A temperament, so …

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