A Standing Meditation for Self-Care

A student of mine, a freelance writer named Georgia, recently told me about her journey to self-love. As is the case for many freelancers, Georgia’s workload ebbed and flowed, and flowed particularly high when she felt the fear of financial pressure. A few years ago, Georgia explained to me, she took on too much work as a way to pay her bills and fend off acute future anxiety about money troubles. As soon as the work piled up, Georgia’s life became much less healthy — and it took her some time to notice the cycle she was caught in.

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Spirituality for Mental Health

For a long time, psychiatrists largely maintained the position that psychiatry had nothing to do with religion and spirituality. Today, many acknowledge that religious and spiritual practices may have positive implications on mental health and the importance of spirituality in the life of patients. This has led to development of treatment modalities which include rather …

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Simple Remedies for Spondylosis

The spine—or merudanda in Sanskrit—plays an important role in your ability to move around freely, protecting the central nervous system, and basically supporting the structure of your body. The healthier the spine, the more active you can be! Do you enjoy your forward and backward bends? You may have your healthy spinal discs to thank …

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Lauren Eckstrom’s Holistic Yoga Approach

Lauren Eckstrom, an L.A. based holistic yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, recently sat down to talk with us about getting in touch with our inner wisdom, the powerful combination of yoga and mindfulness, and how we can take these tools anywhere, from the airport to the grocery store. Lauren also sneaks in some exciting previews of her Holistic Yoga Flow Retreat that she will be leading with her partner Travis Eliot at the Art of Living Retreat Center September 3-6.

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Relationship Between the Doshas and the Seasons

You may love a bowl of raw salad, and for very good reasons. It is nutritious and comes loaded with minerals and vitamins, and you feel light after having it. But here’s the surprise: According to Ayurveda, the same nutritious salad can actually vitiate the vata dosha (air element) further if you have it in …

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5 Ancient Ayurvedic Tips to Celebrate Mother’s Day Today

We’re all here because of our moms and for those of us who are moms, having kids is like having our hearts walk around outside our bodies. Whether a woman is a mother or not, the aspect of the divine feminine principle, Shakti, is ever-present with the ability to nurture, lead and be the strength …

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Ayurveda & Spring Allergies

Are you congested? Do you have sinusitis, stuffy, dull headaches, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and dry itchy skin? Spring weather can be glorious and green with flowers and trees blossoming. On the other hand, environmental allergies can make you miserable and often trigger asthma or eczema; in fact more than 50 million Americans suffer from …

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