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Yoga and Ayurveda

The Benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences from the ancient wellness tradition of India. Ayurveda is a science for keeping the body in balance through right diet, exercise, meditation, and herbs. In Ayurveda, there are three body types, also called doshas: Vata dosha; made up of ether and air Pitta …

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Yoga and Anxiety, Part 2

This continues our previous article, Yoga and Anxiety, Part 1.  Regular yoga practice can help you stay calm and relaxed in daily life. Yoga also gives you the the strength to face events as they come, without losing your center. Yoga practice ideally includes the complete package of: Asanas (body postures) Pranayamas (breathing techniques) Meditation …

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Yoga’s Mindful Approach to Weight Management

In today’s culture of stresses and excesses, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can be a daunting task. It requires a variety of deliberate life adjustments, and experimentally combining separate-but-intertwining skill sets in five key areas: lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, psychology and spirituality. Lasting Change Instant fixes and miracle cures will not create lasting and healthy …

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