Nurturing Your Neural Network

The human body is an absolute miracle. However, we often over-stimulate or neglect to nurture our sensitive systems—especially during times of stress or uncertainty.

This class is designed to reacquaint you with the three whole-body systems that comprise the amazing being you are: the fascial, fluid, and neural networks. Through understanding and exploration of how these systems work together to keep us healthy and functioning, we can make simple adjustments to improve our overall health and vitality. With a specific focus on the neural network, we will explore how the brain functions and how our nervous system is affected by our respiratory and endocrine systems within the fluid network when we are experiencing anxiety, duress, or depression.

From this understanding, we will incorporate breathing and meditation techniques to help stimulate the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, which will increase energy and life-force throughout the body, and encourage balance and wellness.

With each new breath of awareness, we hold the capacity to reset, renew, and replenish each and every cell and heal our bodies from the inside out. Discover and celebrate the miracle of who you are!

August 8 @ 09:30
09:30 — 11:00 (1h 30′)

Lila Learning Room