When we are truly connected to nature, we are in perfect balance. We are playful and free, and our spirits are light. Yet, somehow we tend to lose our spontaneity as the demands of life seep into our daily existence. The creative child within each of us tends to get quiet, and our vibrant creativity lays dormant.

This beautiful place in nature grants us the opportunity to let go of the external chaos of the world, quiet our minds, let go of our egos, and observe the purity of our surroundings—enlivening the senses and opening our minds to possibility and creativity. Together we will engage in activities that stimulate the brain and explore how it functions in the realm of creativity.

Giving yourself permission to play brings about great possibility. As we begin to see things through a different lens, we have the opportunity to rewire, reimagine, and recreate by reconnecting with our childlike nature.

Finding inspiration from the surrounding nature, we will spend a brief amount of time quietly journaling our thoughts, observations, and experiences. From there, who knows what will come… Perhaps you start to paint or dance? Or maybe you have a song you wish to sing to the world? Perhaps you have a passion project that could become a source of revenue? Or maybe you have a creative gift that could be of great service to those in need?

We are all creative and we are all divine—sometimes we just need a gentle reminder. Let’s get back to our truest nature and to living at our highest vibration!

July 31 @ 09:30
09:30 — 11:00 (1h 30′)

Lila Learning Room