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Coping with Loss

Whenever I pass a graveyard and look in, I see a lot of angels. If there is a funeral, there could be thousands of angels comforting the mourners, but even when there is only one person in the graveyard there will be lots of angels there too.

If you feel the presence of the one you love who has died, don’t doubt it. Frequently when someone dies, their soul will come back accompanied by angels to help those left behind.

Sometimes, people are so numbed by grief that they feel they have lost all touch with the person who has died. When this happens, the angels and the spirit of the person who has died may make contact via someone else. It might be another family member, or it could be a complete stranger. Somebody may give you their favorite flowers, hum their favorite music or say something that sounds exactly like what they would have said.

When this happens, don’t doubt that it is your loved one trying to comfort you from the other side. Don’t dismiss–as many do–these precious moments as imagination.

What I Have Been Shown

I see spirits all the time – people who have died and gone to heaven and have come back momentarily for a particular reason. It might be to help someone. Many of you will have felt the presence of a loved one who has died near you – a parent, a grandparent, a child. Your guardian angel will have let this spirit in to give you support or advise you, particularly at times when you need help. That spirit is there briefly to help you, and then it returns to heaven. Occasionally, you might even be allowed to see that spirit briefly.

When I see a spirit, which I do several times most days, I am shown a faint human form, with light radiating from it. A spirit can appear as being any age. Sometimes they will give the appearance of the age they were when they died, and sometimes they may show themselves in their prime. I see them around loved ones, talking into their ear or touching their arm in support. Occasionally, in a restaurant I will see a spirit sitting beside someone to give then support and comfort.

Strange as it may seem it is easier for us to feel the presence of a spirit than it is the presence of our guardian angel, or another angel; this is one of the reasons why our guardian angel lets the spirit of a loved one in to help us.

I spoke in the Friends Hall at Euston, in London, last month, and in front of me, between the stage and the audience, the spirit of a young, fair headed boy of about six, danced happily across between me and the front row. He was full of joy and was enjoying showing off to me. I’m not sure why he was there, I presume his mother was in the in the audience – hopefully she felt his presence. I know this young boy is in Heaven but for that moment he came to say hello.

Reposted with permission from lornabyrne.com.

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