Creative Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day shopping advice: your mom is likely bored by receiving flowers and dinner. Instead, tag along with her for Mother’s Day to throw pottery, relax in the spa and create lasting memories.

Shankara Ayurveda Spa has two creative Mother’s Day packages to make this Mother’s Day a favorite. Both packages include a two-hour pottery class. Artist Laurie Harris leads the action in the pottery studio. In the instructor’s own words, “Working creatively can help to strengthen relationships. When we approach the craft, we open up to ourselves and others.” Guests receive a guided, hands-on opportunity to spin, mold, and work with clay. After firing, pieces can be shipped to your home. No experience is necessary. This project will likely be better than the macaroni necklaces you made in kindergarten for mom!

“Being an artist is like giving an amazing gift to yourself: time to be in solitude, to use your creativity however you choose. Working with clay is healing when give yourself the freedom to play and create something new.”
- Laurie Harris

What makes pottery an amazing gift for someone you know and love? When working with clay, the maker has the ability to directly imbue their own movements and personality into a piece. When you make a piece out of clay, you create an object that holds your fingerprints, the motions of your body, and a moment in time where you were focusing all of your attention on one gift. Your creation can also be functional and made to last forever.

Our packages don’t stop with pottery; they include delicious vegetarian meals and spa time. Find more details about spa packages here, or call 800.368.5168 for more information. We look forward to seeing you!


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