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End of Summer Detox and Rejuvenation with Yoga

It is essential to detoxify the accumulation of summer heat before heading into the next season. Excess heat in the body accumulated over the summer can create stiff joints, inflammation, irritability, anger, depletion, and dryness.

The body may produce mucous in response to dryness, leading to sinus infections, constipation, colds, and other imbalances. This dryness may also create feelings of separateness and loneliness that can be further exacerbated by the colder, darker days of fall and winter.

Yoga, in its infinite wisdom, cleanses and rejuvenates. 

Detoxifying Yoga Sequence


Centering yourself before you begin is important because energy is raised during yoga. If your “container” is not at ease and attentive when you start, the energy you raise could be frenetic.

We might not associate feelings of peacefulness with feeling energetic, yet,  it is quite possible to feel peacefully and energetic!

It’s also important to be centered because being centered heightens awareness, the ability to focus, concentrate, and be a witness to yourself in your practice.


Setting an intention (Sankalpa) is a form of centering. In this practice for detoxifying, focus on letting go of something—substances such as alcohol or drugs, negative thoughts, or unhealthy food.

WOW! Moment
Eating well is a form of self-respect.  This bears repeating—eating well is a form of self-respect.


A mantra for your centering could be, “I show myself love, honor, and respect by eating well.”

If you are inclined to pave your way with good intentions, the Sanskrit mantra to Ganesha, “Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha” (repeated 36 times), can infuse your practice with wisdom and help clear the path.




One benefit of mediation is the cleansing and clearing of the mind that can be achieved. Here’s a guide: Everything you need to know about meditation.


Sometimes, traditional yoga postures are unavailable to us, or we simply don’t feel like doing them. Cleansing the body and clearing the energy channels can be done by taking an organic approach. 

Yoga is woven in when you practice single-minded focus in whatever you are doing. An example of an organic approach would be listening to music and accompanying it with movement.  Movements can be dynamic or gentle.  

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”  —Martha Graham

Movement that frees the joints, promotes blood flow circulation, and allows you to release emotions stored in your body, is a compelling catalyst for cleansing body, mind, and spirit.