Is it possible to maintain your mood, your clarity, and your focus in the presence of difficult people?

Absolutely it is! But to accomplish this, you need a working understanding of energy and vibration, for these form the basis of everything.

Here are 3 Energy Mastery Principles to Help You Remain Centered Around Difficult People.

Energy Mastery Principle #1: You and you alone are in control of your own vibration.

There is only one reason why you might resist, avoid, judge, or feel bad around difficult people: It’s because you believe they hold the power to diminish your mood and down your vibe. And, in all fairness, it’s perfectly understandable that you would come to this conclusion.

Human beings are energy transmitters and receivers, which means we are naturally sensitive to energy. And so, not only do we pick up on the moods of other people, but we often unconsciously harmonize with those moods.

This is great news if we’re surrounded by people who are inspired, exhilarated, forward-looking, and clear. But it can be very bad news when we run into difficult people who don’t seem to care about the energy they are sending out.

But the fact is, we are each in charge of our won energy alignment. Regardless of how it seems, we are the only ones who can put ourselves in a good mood. And we are the only ones who can deviate from it.

Think about it: Can anyone besides you put a thought in your mind? Can anyone besides you create tension or ease within your body? When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize the answer to these questions is no.

Yes, those you think of as difficult people can and do broadcast discordant vibrations. And yes, difficult individuals can invite you into a lower frequency of consciousness. And clearly, difficult people carry on all manner of unpleasant conversations.

But at the end of the day, we are the ones who have to opt into these lower vibrations. And we do this by choosing to give our focus to unwanted energies.

And this brings us to the next important energy mastery principle:

Energy Mastery Principle #2: You have the power – and the right – to turn your focus away from difficult people.

In every situation and interaction, there are an infinite number of things you can choose to give your attention to. And how, where, and with what intensity you direct your focus has everything to do with how good you feel.

For example, you could focus on the moment-by-moment unfolding of a particularly unpleasant conversation or event. You could listen intently to every word and watch with great interest as things unfold that do not please you. But once you understand that where your attention goes, energy flows, you realize that this is a really unwise choice! So instead, reclaim your power to direct your focus and actively turn your attention towards something more pleasing.

In other words, when your energy body registers negativity to someone else, use this as a cue to return your attention to yourself.

For example, what areas of your life are going exceptionally well? What recent experiences did you derive joy from? What are you most grateful for, or looking forward to?

By deliberately turning your attention to more pleasant things, you separate yourself from difficult people and stop unwanted momentum. Then you stop being so influenced by the energy around you and become more masterful at generating your own vibration. This is an essential skill to build if you’re interested in feeling good even when others are trying to bring you down.

Energy Mastery Principle #3: Make it a habit to choose your mood, your attitude – and therefore, your vibration – in advance.

You’d never stumble into a job interview or first date without preparing yourself a little in advance, right? Well, in the same way, it’s a great practice to prepare your energy body in advance of any new interaction. This means taking the time to tune yourself to the types of feelings and experiences you’re committed to creating.

When you’re about to interact with someone you’ve experienced as difficult, carve out time to prepare your mood beforehand. Imagine filling yourself up with the energies of joy, expansion, clarity and ease. Take a few deep breaths, and literally feel these energies expanding your consciousness and raising your vibration. The higher you raise your frequency ahead of time, the more you’ll be able to sustain it. And this is the key to maintaining your mood, your clarity and your vibe even when you’re with difficult people.

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