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Exploring Wisdom: Wah! on Developing Energetic Resonance


Last week, Wah!, musician, leader, healer, and Art of Living Retreat Center workshop host, shared her thoughts on energy and healing. Today, she shares three ways that you can develop and hone your own energetic resonance so that you, too, can begin to experience healing from within.


Give and you shall receive. The Universe is a living, breathing, evolving entity, which can and will respond to any energy you initiate. If you put out bad energy, the Universe will respond and magnify it. If you share good energy, the Universe will respond and magnify it. Knowing how to magnify and build energy is something we call building energetic resonance. It’s like stretching dough at a pizza pie factory. Like pushing waves of water. It’s like the wax-on, wax-off practices in the Karate Kid movie. If you can move and build physical things, you will learn how to move and build energetic substances, which is the whole idea behind healing.

Here are three suggestions to help you learn and develop energetic resonance.

Sit Idle

Sit idle for 5 minutes during the day, and allow your mind to slow down. You can watch nature, watch a fish tank, lie on a hammock and allow yourself to space out or daydream – in other words, allow yourself to move into alpha brainwaves. This is healthy for the brain. This is not walking the dog or reading a magazine. Find neutral, be idle, body relaxed, eyes open. You can watch birds and trees, wait for a bus, or even do this on public transportation.
Being idle is the brainwave state that leads to meditation, and allows the body to rejuvenate, repair the immune system, and release healthy hormones. Knowing how to relax and move into slower brainwaves is essential in healing practices.
Resonance needs space to expand into, and patience to give it time to build. Energy won’t flow in places of congestion. When you begin something, learn to guide, breathe, and love it into existence. This is homework – I call it ‘Zen and the Art of Living Happily With Your Own Energy’. There are many tools for mental relaxation; if you need more tools, just ask! If you have a meditation practice, feel free to discuss the feelings resulting from that practice and ways to improve it with either myself or Dr. Leary – that’s what our class is for! I’ve created many guided visualizations you can listen to on a regular basis for assistance with relaxation.



Make it bigger and better. Ask the Universe for more of the good stuff. If you are praising food, go into more detail. If you want to appreciate your partner, elaborate! Go on, tell them all about it – every detail you love and appreciate about them. Use repetition and add extra words, energy, and feeling to fill the space around the idea. Do it with words and conversation first, and later on, you’ll learn how to do it with energy.


Like the pizza pie maker, stretch your Qi. Take longer steps when you walk (really, it’s not as easy as you think!). Listen to someone without interrupting, giving advice, or commentary. Hold space so they can feel their energy. Stretch your arms overhead and say “Ahhhh!” Do it right now! “Ahhhhhh!”


Join Wah! and Dr. James Leary, Life Qi Renewal specialist, at the Art of Living Retreat Center . 

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