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Exploring Wisdom: Wah! on Energy & Healing

Wah!, musician, leader, healer, and Art of Living Retreat Center workshop host, knows that in order to heal the world, you must first learn to heal yourself. In this first of two posts, she shares her wisdom and strategies for amplifying your own energy and healing yourself. 

When you learn about healing, your first job is to learn to heal yourself. Through yoga, meditation, and other practices, you come to understand that you have the ability to summon beautiful healing energy and direct it to different parts of the body.

In meditation, you learn to breathe, cleanse the mind, visualize light, and feel loving emotions of compassion and caring for yourself and others. In yoga, you activate the life force (prana) by chanting Om, and doing breathing practices (pranayama) and postures to move the energy through the body. You can further add to the fun by engaging energy locks (bandhas), and sealed energy postures (mudras).

Creating Space & Finding Energy

Whatever way you explore healing, the first step is learning how to find the energy. When you’re tired, you know you need energy but don’t know where to find it. I’ve got news for you: it’s everywhere. All the time. Mother Nature is always renewing herself, and that flowing energy is always available. You have to focus your mind and relax to find it. That’s the whole purpose of a daily spiritual practice; you have to find the good energy regardless of the mood you’re in.

How can you engage this energy? The first ingredient for any healing method is creating space. You create space inside of the body, openness in your mind, trust and innocence in your heart. You wholeheartedly welcome the new way. This is how energy begins, so make space for it— clean your closets, your brain, your heart, and shine your inner light. It’s out with the old, and in with the new, all the time.

Magnifying Your Flow

When energy starts to flow, you can use it, amplify it, build it, direct it. You can tap into the energy of creation and start learning how to flow with it. It’s as easy as doing something you like, and then doing more of it. The more you do, the more you like, the better it gets. It’s just like falling in love. When you add to it, it magnifies, and more of it comes back to you.

When you use energy flow to magnify substance, you build more of what you want. Building energetic resonance is not adding new flows of energy, but simply expanding the energy you already have. You can compare it to a bank account —you’re not opening a new one but just expanding the one that you have. Like making a pizza pie. Like whipping egg whites. Something is added to create more substance. You might call it air; we call it Qi— it’s your energy that makes the difference.

Let your energy flow in your body like a river. Let the energy flow through your house. Make it beautiful. Make it spacious, and move within your body like it’s your home. It’s your energy; call it in, direct, build, and amplify it.

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