An innocent social media scroll reveals a good friend looking fabulous as she suns herself on an exotic beach. A co-worker negotiates himself hefty raise, even though you were hired at about the same time. Your next-door neighbor drives home in the car of your dreams. Suddenly, your breath becomes shallow, your mood plummets, and you find yourself feeling competitive and jealous. Here are 3 energy mastery practices you can use to shift your vibration:.

Energy Mastery Practice #1: Recognize That Competition, Jealousy and Envy are Always a Reflection of Shortage Consciousness.

At its core, feelings of competition arise within us because we’re perceiving a shortage of some resource we’ve deemed important. It may be a perception that there is not enough money to go around. Or maybe we perceive that love, admiration or appreciation is in short supply. Anytime we’re in a mindset of lack, our primitive instincts turn on, convincing us to compete for our share of resources.

Scarcity is an illusion.

The illusion is that there is a finite pile of resources that all of us have to fight for. But the fact is, we live in an abundant universe that is fully capable of fulfilling our every desire. Another person’s success has no ability to limit our own. Likewise, there is no shortage of love, joy, or freedom in this ever-expanding universe.

So the first step to releasing feelings of competition is to recognize what they mean: You are temporarily holding yourself back from the abundance you desire because you’re focusing on lack.

Energy Mastery Practice #2: Allow Feelings of Competition, Jealousy, and Envy to Wash Through You and From You.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying that “what you resist persists.” And nowhere does this wisdom apply more than it does in the realm of our emotions.

Pretending you’re not experiencing feelings of competition won’t help you transcend them. In fact, “faking it ‘til you make it” is a bit like using a happy face sticker to cover an empty gas gauge. You’re still out of gas, but now you’re denying that reality instead of doing something to change it.

So instead, when you notice feelings of competition or jealousy, give yourself permission to experience your reaction fully. Breathe into any sensations of tightness or constriction in your body. And take some time to explore the painful thoughts that accompany them. What you’ll discover is this: By allowing yourself to feel your emotional reactions fully, they dissipate all on their own.

Energy Mastery Practice #3: Use The Object of Your Competitive Feelings to Inspire You Toward What You Desire.

Regardless of how it seems, our feelings of competition are not the result of someone else’s behavior. Nor are they proof of a lack of resources. They are simply an indication that we are focused in opposition to something we desire, and as a result, our personal vibration is in chaos.

Anytime you’re having feelings of competition that are directed at another person, one thing is certain: That person is expressing a reality that you desire for yourself. But you alone hold the power to choose whether to allow this information to paralyze you – or to inspire you.

With every thought and perspective we hold, we are carving out a very specific path to the next reality that will unfold in our experience. And when our perspective is one of competition and jealousy, we’re not carving out a road to joy and satisfaction. Rather, we’re creating more of what we don’t want. We simply can’t notice the absence of something and simultaneously open ourselves to receiving its presence.

So, the next time you’re experiencing feelings of competition, say to yourself something along the lines of this:

“This person is living an experience that I desire to manifest for myself. And the tension I feel when I observe this is simply an indication of the strength of my desire. In this moment, I choose to align all of my energies with the fulfillment of what I want to create. And I thank this person for showing me what’s possible for me.”

And then, do your very best to align your energies with the experience of what you want.

If you desire more love, more health and fitness, more freedom or more success, appreciate the manifestation of these experiences everywhere you encounter them. Look for any little piece of evidence of your desire made manifest, and invest your attention and energy into fanning the flame of it. Slowly but surely, your vibration will begin to tip from feeling competition to feeling inspired by the possibilities of your life.

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