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Feeling Lost or in Limbo? That’s OK!

Recently I was leading a retreat for a group of women. While waiting to enter the workshop space one of them asked me, “So how are you doing?” I breathed. Paused. Closed my eyes. And said, “Wobbly.” Everyone around me nodded their heads in agreement.

While many things are true at once (read more), more of us than I can count are feeling as if we’re in limbo. We’re noticing a “start … stop” quality to everything.

Many of our lives, careers and relationship were radically affected by COVID, but all of our psyches were dramatically impacted. Undeniably, most of us are questioning everything.

Renee Trudeau Limbo

How do you respond to being in limbo?

While a few of us are re-imagining our lives, creating new businesses and launching creative projects as a result of this global crisis, most of us are still licking our wounds or are in survival mode. And almost all of us are grieving from profound loss.

We’re feeling uncertain, exhausted and on a good day–hopeful. Many share they’re still struggling to find a “sense of normalcy,” and have no idea what the future holds. Most of us are taking life day by day and sometimes, hour by hour. The great disruptor changed us. Things will never be the same. And many of us don’t want them to be.

As a former career coach who has worked with thousands of men/women through big life/career transitions over the last 20 years, I want to remind you as we navigate this era: it’s OK to feel confused, lost and have a lack of clarity or a plan. It’s OK to feel as if your life is on pause. It’s OK to not feel wise or discerning.

That will come later. I promise.

For now

  1.  Focus on making your self-care a priority
  2. Keep naming and focusing on what IS working in your life and
  3. Seek daily heartfelt connection and having conversations that matter.

I believe that right now, these three things are enough. And they’ll help us as we continue to wade through the unknown. Together.

Reposted with permission from reneetrudeau.com.

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