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Find Your Wellness Tribe

Supporting Your Journey on the Path to Well-Being

Good on you if something has inspired you to become more health-conscious. It’s a great start, but can often feel like a lonely journey. You’ve started eating healthy, begun a meditation or yoga practice, and upped your walking game, but even with the best of starts, if you begin to feel like you’re doing it alone, you can lose motivation and the spark that initially pushed you fizzles out. We all need our troop, our cheerleaders, the support to get up and go when our momentum got up and went. Finding motivation can be difficult, that’s why you need the company of a wellness tribe.

A wellness tribe or a Sangha can be your friends, family, a group of like-minded people, or a network of supportive people who share your goals, and challenges and keep you going, sometimes guiding you, often inspiring you.

Why You Need a Wellness Tribe?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living, describes good company as people who lighten your burdens and make your problems appear manageable, instead of making them look grimmer and unsolvable. Humans are social animals and we need people around to share and connect with, especially about things that draw our passion. A strong support system makes your goals more reachable and achievable. A tribe both empowers and is empowered by YOU. From losing those pesky pounds together to going on weekly runs or hikes side-by-side, here’s how having a tribe in your life will have you smiling every day!

You’re motivated and accountable. Being part of a group not only helps you stay motivated but within a healthy atmosphere that also holds you accountable. When you surround yourself with people sharing the same goals and commitment—or even people who are more committed than you—you are more likely to stay on track. With others by your side, you’ll celebrate your victories, big and small, while offering a compassionate ear and a shoulder to lean on when things get rough, as they often might.

You track progress together. Setting goals together as a group allows everyone to track progress on the whole and on an individual level. If you’re struggling with a specific aspect of your wellness journey, don’t hesitate to ask your tribe for advice or encouragement. Plus, when you hit your goal, the celebration is just so much sweeter with your people around!

You check in on each other. This is the antidote to loneliness. You check in on others not just to track your goals and manage challenges, but to ensure nobody gets left behind. These are also opportunities to have open conversations with each other. Don’t hold back from discussing something that’s been bothering you, someone’s bound to help you out. On that note, always lend an ear to anyone in need; who knows what you might learn—or heal!

You share knowledge and resources. Whether it is culinary arts or gym, whether it is sewing or sports, whether it is music or mandala art, being part of a tribe is to have unlimited access to tips and tricks on your favorite subject. Learning from each other’s experiences can only propel you forward. Take turns sharing knowledge and expertise with the tribe including websites, books, apps, or shows and films. Keep updating the shared resources for everyone’s benefit.

Building Your Wellness Tribe: Finding Your People

Now that you know how a wellness tribe influences your life for the better, let’s explore how to find yours:

Community Centers and Studios

Find a yoga studio, gym, library, book club, or community center that offers classes focused on well-being, from fitness classes to meditation to healthy cooking, if it’s a hobby, there’s a group out there.

These classes provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who might share similar interests—or sway you to try something new. These environments are perfect for sparking conversations and building connections while making new friends.

As Intimidating as it may seem in the beginning, especially if you are an introvert, here’s a secret—people are looking forward to what you can bring to the table—literally and figuratively, your thoughts, ideas, or stories—as much as you want to try out new things or pick up new skills!

All you have to do is strike up a conversation. Suddenly, it’s not just about yoga, you’re now going beyond and building real friendships with people who share similar goals.

Online Communities

In this day and age of digital connections, there’s no place like the Internet to help you find people from all walks of life, especially those on a wellness journey.

Look for Facebook or Meetup groups, forums on Reddit or Quora, and follow Instagram hashtags dedicated to your specific wellness goals. Spaces such as these allow you to speak your mind without judgment and are open to anyone and everyone.

The downside is that you may not be able to grab a coffee in person, but you still get encouragement from strangers who are now friends. Always look out for a chance to meet offline as well—in a safe environment, of course.

Organize Your Own Group

If you can’t find the perfect pre-existing tribe online or off, don’t worry! Just create your own! Talk to friends, inspire your colleagues, or neighbors who you think are aligned with your interests, and let it grow from there! Try and meet regularly; go do the thing you started the group for a few times a week; get guest experts to make it exciting for everyone; and have challenges or goals to aspire for as a group.

Keeping Your Tribe Strong: Tips for Building Lasting Connections

Once you’ve found your tribe, here are some tips to hold on to them with respect in a truly supportive space.

  • Express your intentions. Be clear on what you hope to achieve on your wellness journey.
  • Be vulnerable and open-minded. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles and setbacks.
  • Ask for help. When in need, seek advice or encouragement.
  • Celebrate small wins. Track your progress and celebrate even the little victories.
  • Be supportive of others. Remember everyone has their own goals in mind.
    Be an active listener. Sometimes the best support is simply being there to listen.
  • Be reliable and show up for your tribe. Make an effort to be part of the tribe.
  • Be consistent with your participation and check in on others.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Respect your commitments to the tribe.
  • Be respectful of boundaries. Be mindful of others’ goals and respect their privacy.