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Finding Balance in an Erratic World

Looking at the surrounding world, it doesn’t take long to feel troubled by the many daunting issues we currently face. Whether it’s the political divide, increased rates of suicide or unstable weather patterns, there seems to be an unlimited number of problems in the world demanding our attention. As if worldly concerns weren’t enough, personal challenges related to jobs, relationships and health serve as daily distractions. How does meditation or regular listening of Sacred Acoustics recordings play a role?

To begin forming solutions, it’s logical to address external aspects of our problems, and, of course, this is important. For example, we must seek medical attention for particular health issues. However, spiritual traditions around the globe maintain that the external world is merely a reflection of our internal world. But in our modern culture, the internal world is often ignored.

Even in the mental health profession, solutions involving pharmaceutical substances are often chosen in lieu of actually addressing the underlying issues. Generally speaking, many have come to believe that changing brain chemistry with a chemical substance will remove emotional imbalances without any personal effort.

This is no surprise given Western society’s commitment to the materialist model of science that claims we are all a product of hormones, neurons and chemical reactions. This model completely removes the internal aspects of our existence related to emotions, thoughts and decisions, as if we have no free will at all.

This can be viewed through the model of a masculine-feminine balance. Masculine energy is represented by the sun – visible, bright and obvious – the external world. Feminine energy is represented by the moon – darkness, hidden and mysterious – the internal world. Along with our physical bodies, coming to know internal aspects of ourselves will bring balance to our personal energy field.

Sacred Acoustics recordings help the listener to do just that. By quieting constant, racing thoughts, we become more aware of the inner observer – a most critical part of this process. Triggering stored emotional traumas allows us to release them and become more aligned with who we truly are. Identifying with our spiritual nature provides access to creative inspiration and innovative problem-solving.

As many experienced meditators will attest – as we become more balanced on the inside, the outside world seems to take care of itself. As more and more individuals begin the process of exploring consciousness from within – thus becoming more balanced – our world will begin to reflect that harmony. 

Recordings are available for all listeners—beginners, experienced and enthusiasts. Whether it’s with Sacred Acoustics recordings or through some other method, start your journey today by cultivating a daily practice and create balance in your life.

Previously published on sacredacoustics.com; reposted with permission.