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Finding Bliss with Chakras and Koshas

Many of us begin a yoga practice to improve our physical condition and relieve stress. Then the after-class euphoria becomes more and more noticeable, and we start to ask, “Why do I feel so good? What is happening within to generate this feeling of well-being?”  Val Spies shares her thoughts on the chakra and kosha systems of the yogic tradition, and how attuning these systems can help us find bliss. 

The Doorway to Bliss

Through purifying, healing, and strengthening our physical bodies in the postures of Hatha yoga, we start to notice subtle shifts in our ability to connect with inner peace. Through practice, we build a precious relationship between our physical bodies and the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of our being. As our awareness strengthens, so too does the desire to dive deeper into the studies that bring balance and bliss into our lives, inviting us to explore the subtle aspects of this beautiful yoga practice. This doorway to bliss begins to open when the inner and outer layers of the self start to find balance and equanimity with each other.  

Chakra is often translated from Sanksrit as “wheel”: the chakras are the energy centers that emanate from within and around our bodies. In many traditions, there are said to be seven primary energy centers that run along the spine. Each center relates to an aspect of our lives. In order to find balance in the mind, body, and spirit, the emotional and physical aspects of the chakras listed below must be clear of blockages.

  • Sahasrara  Crown—connection to the infinite/divine
  • Ajna Third Eye—wisdom/intuition
  • Vishudda Throat—communication/truth
  • Anahata Heart—love/compassion
  • Manipura Solar Plexus—power/strength/leadership
  • Swadhistahana Sacrum—passion/creativity/intimacy
  • Muladhara Root—home/earth/security

The chakra system is deeply rich and complex, just like the richness and complexity of our human experience. This brief overview is a glimpse into this remarkable field of study. Through study, practice, and self-reflection, the chakra system offers us a wonderful map to discover so much about our lives, and how to achieve a greater state of harmony.

Koshas: The Sheath

The second study focuses on the koshas, the layers of the Self. Often translated as “sheath” from Sanskrit, the five koshas navigate our human experience from the physical to the spiritual dimensions. We can begin to explore them from the physical body inward, through sheaths of prana (life force, energy), the mind, the witness consciousness, and the spiritual core (universal bliss). Just like the chakras, the koshas are an incredibly rich piece of yogic philosophy. Understanding and harmonizing these sheaths is a study worth exploring.

Learning the divine play of inner exploration and the surrender to higher consciousness is our calling.  Once your eyes are opened to this calling, you’ll find yourself on a fascinating path that leads you through a more elevated experience of life.