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Five Benefits of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Do you feel you live a healthy lifestyle? From what you eat, to your fitness level, your job, and your home life, there are many facets that go into a healthy or not-so-healthy way of living. An Ayurvedic lifestyle produces numerous benefits that are wonderful for enriching your life. We highlight five in this post and you can find the complete list in our new, free e-book Ayurveda 101.

1. Improved Concentration
An Ayurvedic lifestyle is grounding, which allows focusing more in the present and worrying less about the future. When we slow down, we get to better know and understand our bodies and the way in which our natural constitutions require balance. A balancing diet and lifestyle sooth our minds and allow for easier, more focused concentration. Mental balance is no less important than physical balance; Ayurvedic practices are designed to promote both.

2. De-Stressing
 Working under pressure, as most of us do, aggravates vata and produces stress. This vata imbalance affects the joints first, which makes sense that we often notice high stress levels by sore, clenched jaws. Through diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda alleviates stress.

3. Revitalizing Energy
We all do things that unbalance our bodies and minds, which lead to sluggishness and lethargy. Coffee and other stimulants might work in a pinch, but Ayurveda offers a comprehensive, long-term approach to revitalizing energy. Ayurvedic practices and routines help ensure that we get enough rest. Cleansing practices like Panchakarma help eliminate toxins and heaviness so that we feel fresh and alive throughout the day.

4. Relaxation
When you are relaxed, you feel comfortable and content in mind and body, which is an important benchmark for physical, mental and spiritual balance. Whether using self-massage practices or pursuing a professional, therapeutic massage, these practices, especially when enhanced with Ayurvedic oils and various heat sources, help remove excess vata that causes stress.

5. Anti-Aging
We wear the signs of our health on our faces. Through maintaining a healthy balance between vata, pitta, and kapha, we reduce the anxieties that wear out our bodies. This balance not only promotes a healthy, youthful body; an Ayurvedic lifestyle also promotes a healthy, youthful mind as we age. By being mindful of what we eat, the way we live, and the way we handle stress, we can maintain and promote the balance in our lives so vital to the dynamic expression of life.

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