This week we’re going to post some beautiful photos of fall – not much more and nothing less! Enjoy the beauty.

Wonder is a preface to yoga. The ancient rishis have said, “vismaya yoga bhumika” which means “a sense of wonder is the preface for yoga.” When your observation of yourself and of nature creates a wonder within, then a mysticism dawns in your life.
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The landscape of the valley ranges off into the distance
The landscape of the valley ranges off into the distance.



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 8
On top of the mountain, the colors are in full swing.



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 3
A trickle of color plays out on the trees below.



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 7
The mists rise.



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 2


landscape_fall2015_oct2015 4
The mists have lifted, and all that remains…fall.


landscape_fall2015_oct2015 6
A shadow passes.


landscape_fall2015_oct2015 9
Crisp leaves glow in dawn’s light.



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 10
When was the ground so beautiful?



landscape_fall2015_oct2015 5
A spray of color on trees in the upper valley.


Fall is a beautiful time on the mountaintop at the Art of Living Retreat Center. It’s a time when the leaves start to fall, a crisp breeze blows gently by and the thoughts of summer start to fade away. The radiance of nature lights up the trees better than a Christmas celebration. Nature inspires and invites us to return to a sense of wonder and innocence. Jumping in the leaves, anybody?


If you’re thinking about visiting, please, feel welcome.


Interested in learning more about programs at the Art of Living Retreat Center? Check out our annual catalog here.


Yoga Retreat Catalog for NC

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