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Full Moon-Beaver Moon

According to the legend, Native Americans named the full Moon each month based on important natural events occurring at that time of the year as a way of timekeeping. For example, the November full moons often happened on nights of the season’s first frost. This was also around the time when beavers built their dams in preparation for the winter ahead. Hunters would often hunt them for their warm fur to keep themselves warm. Hence the names “frost moon” and  “beaver moon.”

This year’s full Moon on November 8 (6:02 AM EST) is extra special. Typically, a lunar eclipse occurs on a full moon day, but this will be a total lunar eclipse. This is when the Earth aligns between the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other, obstructing the Sun’s rays. As a result, the darker part of the Earth’s shadow is cast on the Moon, covering it whole, and causing it to look blood red.

According to NASA, this stunning red Beaver Moon will be visible across North and Central America, Ecuador, Columbia, and western portions of Venezuela and Peru. In Puerto Rico, the Moon sets just after totality begins. The eclipse will also be visible in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, viewers in Alaska and Hawaii will have the opportunity to see every eclipse stage.

The Lunar Eclipse in Astrology

Here is a quick rundown of the sign it is occurring in, the meaning, and the influence of the lunar eclipse for various zodiac signs. The lunar eclipse this November is happening across the Scorpio-Taurus axis in the sign of Taurus.

Lunar Eclipse: The Spiritual Meaning

The Moon influences the water element. It not only influences the rise and fall of the tides but also affects our bodies and minds because our bodies are 90% water. Quantum physics discusses how everything in the universe operates at a specific frequency, and the interaction of lunar frequencies with that of our mind could potentially impact us. The Moon influences the conscious and subconscious mind (that stores memories and impressions). Neuroscience says the subconscious has a say in more than 95% of our life! So changes in the subconscious can stir our minds, affect our mood, and mess with our ability to think straight.

Going by one theory, the interaction between the Moon and our mind can cause pleasant or unpleasant impressions to float up to our conscious mind during full moon days. This is why sages have emphasized engaging in spiritual practices, contemplation, and going inward during this time.

North and South Lunar Nodes

Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of the Moon. Interestingly, the Earth and Moon revolve at an inclination of five degrees. Rahu and Ketu are the names of the points where these planes meet. An eclipse occurs when the Moon, which represents our subtle and refined mind, arrives at one of these points. The two nodes are said to exert a powerful influence on the psyche of an individual. However, they are shadow planets and don’t exist on their own. Famous Vedic astrologer Komilla Suton writes, “They have been given the status of planets to emphasize their significance and the importance placed on eclipses. They work in unison, 180 degrees apart, two opposite points in the zodiac with a mission to churn our lives in order to externalize hidden potential and wisdom.”

The south node, or Ketu, deals with our past karma or actions committed in the past through multiple soul journeys. Rahu, the north node, deals with our future karma—the unfolding destiny. When these nodes activate around the eclipse, it is said to be a transformational time for the soul. In other words, this could be a time for churning and unraveling who we truly are.

What does the Beaver Moon eclipse in Taurus signify?

A word of caution from astrologers—stay out of trouble during this eclipse. One may be led to situations of conflict and differences, and some of us may be unyielding in our positions, given the Taurean energy of being determined and steadfast. This eclipse will take us on an inward journey from outer material pursuits. In fact, across ancient traditions, eclipses have been known to be very auspicious times for spiritual practices. After the eclipse is also a powerful time to manifest our intentions in the coming six months. For the fixed signs like Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, this might signal a time for sudden change—as much as they dislike it—and a time of reflection.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Aries
It will be essential to take care of your health. Money will be good, but Arians may need to keep a tab on their expenses around this time.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Taurus
Pay attention to your partner’s emotional and physical needs during this time.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Gemini
This is a good time for your finances. Work hard and you will be able to take care of most of your problems.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Cancer
A good time for your spiritual growth. Take care of your health, especially your upper body.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Leo
Your businesses will prosper. It would help if you donated grains (wheat) after the eclipse.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Virgo
You will find relief from anxiety and stress, and there will be a steadiness of the mind.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Libra
You will need to work hard in your career.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Scorpio
Pay more attention to your health, finances, and relationships.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Sagittarius
You will need to manage your heightened emotions.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Capricorn
You will need to look after your health. Your family life will be good.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Aquarius
Do not lend or borrow around this time.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Pisces
The eclipse is an excellent time to buy real estate.


We know the benefits of meditation but studies now show that studying ancient Sanskrit mantras increase the size of the brain regions associated with cognitive function. Another study at BITS Hyderabad indicated that people who chanted or listened to chants became more cheerful and calm. One of the most recommended chants for eclipses is ‘om Namah Shivaya’ for ten minutes or any Ganesha mantra! Here are other mantras you can chant when the mind undergoes emotional turbulence.

Any spiritual practices you do—meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, Japa, singing, or journaling—during an eclipse benefit you manyfold. Head here to learn about meditation, how to do it, and its benefits. Then, try this powerful guided meditation for the lunar eclipse.

According to one explanation, during the eclipse the intensity of light radiations and its wavelengths available to the Earth’s surface changes—particularly the blue and ultraviolet radiations, which have natural disinfecting properties. This potentially leads to the overgrowth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens in foods, rendering them unsafe for consumption. Another reason we may want to stop eating a few hours before the eclipse is because an empty or light stomach helps you go deeper in your meditation or chanting.

If you have children, old, sick, or pregnant women in the house, they should eat during the eclipse. Some traditions also practiced throwing away any leftovers cooked before the eclipse, given the belief that harmful vibrations may be absorbed into the food.

Moon Bathing
Moon bathing—the art of soaking one’s mind and body in the calming and cooling energy of the Moon—has many benefits. First, it is a way to align oneself with the celestial Moon and feel oneness with the universe. Moon bathing increases Ojas, or vitality, balances the fire element, and even reduces inflammation. Finally, the full Moon is an excellent time for oil massage or aromatherapy. A full moon’s energy can yield tremendous physical and mental healing. Full moons bathe your skin in soft light while illuminating the often overlooked crevices of your subconscious—giving you insights into your spirit and soul.

Since the eclipse directs our mental faculties, you can also journal. Express yourself in the pages of a journal to let all the heightened emotional and intellectual churning within. Write poems, dream up characters, or put down your intentions and goals that you want to manifest in the coming months. We so seldom hold a meaningful conversation with ourselves. Starting a journal can be an excellent way to meet yourself and know your thoughts better!

In some Native American and Vedic traditions, an eclipse also involves the practice of smudging—burning sacred herbs, bundles of sage, or incense and dispersing it throughout the house and around the body.

Consider a total cleanse outside as well as within. For example, de-clutter your house, change to fresh linens, polish the furniture, clean walls and floors, wash dishes, and if possible, open windows for full ventilation.

Crystal Cleansing
Many people believe the full Moon is the perfect time to clear a crystal’s energy and recharge its positive and natural properties. So place your crystals out to bathe in the full Moon’s light, and don’t forget to recharge them with your intentions as well.

A full moon also denotes the completion of a lunar cycle. You will be cosmically aided in finishing up long pending tasks, closing up outstanding matters, and tying up loose ends. All you need to do is act on it!

The full Moon is a great time to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, no matter how entrenched in them you may be in them. Unless these self-damaging patterns are willingly given up, eclipses could push us in the direction of changes we begrudgingly accept. Don’t worry though. Our spiritual practices give us enormous strength and the confidence to grow out of our comfort zones—which is the karmic lesson of the lunar eclipse this month!

Celebrate and Meditate Every Month

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