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Graduate Story: Sri Sri School of Yoga Teacher Training

How do you gauge if Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training is for you? One powerful way is to hear others’ experiences. Here we share graduate Anna Chigo’s story, and discover why the training was such a transformative experience for her.

Anna’s Story

Sri Sri School of Yoga Teacher Training was one of the major transformative experiences of my life.

The teachers that emerge from this immersive experience are authentic, confident—and deeply rooted in the self. They reflect the depth of the yogic tradition and all the subtler aspects of yoga, which are aimed at gaining inner freedom and resilience, not just perfecting the asanas.

The program instructors were able to transmit an experience that comes from an authentic yoga practice—where you feel connected to yourself, the universe around, and rejoice in just Being. Through the training, you not only become a highly skilled yoga teacher but a true yogi!

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I learned my most valuable insight as a yoga teacher.

It is on the training that I learned my most valuable insight as a yoga teacher—that the teaching is not coming from me. When I am connected to the source of all wisdom and knowledge, it simply flows out in a way that benefits those receiving the teaching.

What a gift.


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