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Healing Journeys of Ayurveda: Lighter Every Day

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Ayurveda considers the buildup of toxins, physical and mental and environmental, to be the underlying cause of many diseases. Toxins enter our world by what we eat, drink, breathe in and process in any way. With so much hype about detoxes and cleanses, it’s hard to know where to turn. Today’s blog features special guest, Susan W. from Syracuse. Susan recently shared her Panchakarma experience with Andrew Keaveney, Ayurveda enthusiast and Art of Living teacher :


Andrew:  Susan, how was your experience of  Panchakarma?


Susan: My experience here has been really really great.  I’ve actually done many cleanses before this. But this is my first time doing Panchakarma. I can tell you that this experience is nothing like any of the other cleanses that I’ve done. Some of the things that set it apart are the fact that it’s Ayurvedic based, for sure. But it’s more  than that.  We had the doctor looking after us, keeping an eye out on our progress, checking when we came in, individually. Tailoring the program to each one of us individually was just amazing. The piece that I really liked about it is that when I would have the different sessions, it was like I was feeling lighter every single day. I was feeling this cleansing process more and more with each treatment that I got. It was really clear that the treatments that I was getting were guided for me, and what I needed. So the experience has been just outstanding. I am leaving here feeling light and fresh.


I think it’s more than just physical though.  Because of that lightness and freshness that I’m feeling physically, it transfers into how you’re feeling mentally and emotionally — all of that as well. So just all the way around, a lightness that has come.  I am telling you it was like layers coming off each day. It is nothing at all compared to any other cleanse that I’ve done. This is just very very different.

“I am leaving here feeling light and fresh.”

Andrew:  Could you share a little more about your other cleanses? What were the other cleanses like and then what was feeling different?


Susan: Okay. I have never done anything that was residential like this. The other cleanses that I’ve done  were done from my home. I felt that there was some cleansing that was taking place, but it was more of something that was geared toward everybody. Everybody got the same thing. So the amount of benefit you get here really shows up when you have something that’s tailored just for you. The way that you should be eating.  The treatments that you are personally in need of to correct any imbalances. It really shows up in the way that I feel in the end – comparing the two.


Andrew: Did you come here with anything particularly complaint or something that you want to remedy or is it more for overall?


Susan: Yeah, it was more for an overall detoxification and cleanse.  We have so many toxins in this environment. It’s hard to avoid them. This is why I’ve done cleanses in the past to just keep my body as healthy as I possibly can. And so it was really more “overall” for me.

“Ayurveda is a lifestyle. It really is a way of living our lives to give us the best possible bodies and health”

Andrew: What does Ayurveda do for you personally?


Susan:  Ayurveda is a lifestyle. It really is a way of living our lives to give us the best possible bodies and health, and by uplifting our bodies and our health and being as high of energy as possible. As much prana or energy in our bodies as possible allows us to be as stress free as possible. It really reflects on the way that our mind is working our emotions. We become lighter and freer with that.



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Interested in learning more about what Ayurveda can do for you? Please contact us and we’d be happy to guide you as to how an Ayurvedic cleanse can harness the natural healing power of your body. Both weekend and week-long cleanses are available to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the Ayurvedic way.


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