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Healing Journeys of Ayurveda – Eva’s Story

Healing Journeys of Ayurveda - The Art of Living Retreat Center
In these tumultuous times, when the world is hurting, sometimes the most radical thing you can do is to take care of yourself. After all, as Eva, a recent participant in our Panchakarma detox program, knows, when you heal yourself, you heal the world. 


The Art of Living Retreat Center is such a phenomenal setting to come and explore Panchakarma. There is such a profound silence and beauty here among the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Panchakarma program exceeded my expectations from the very beginning – even after the first day, I knew that I was involved in something very, very authentic and special. I’m so honored and happy to have been here.

Experience the Lightness of Being

Working with Dr. Manisha in this program was a huge privilege. She grew up in India, and was trained there, so her authenticity and knowledge really shine through. You can tell that her knowledge is a lived knowledge. The team here is amazing, too, and there is such a pervasive feeling of collective happiness and clarity. We were taken care of so tenderly, and it was such a nurturing experience.

I came to this retreat for the benefit of my health, but I left with so much more than a sense of physical wellness. Being here in the mountains, with this community, receiving the treatments, and learning what Panchakarma truly means – I just feel so fortunate that I was guided to be here. I lost five pounds, but more importantly, I feel such a lightness of being. There’s such a sense of spaciousness here, of kindness, of happiness. This program and this place nurture far more than your body; you come away with a feeling of spiritual and emotional wellness, too.


Heal Yourself, Heal the World

This is a gift that you can give yourself, a gift for your entire being. This experience will enrich your life. I would love to see more and more of us give ourselves this opportunity, because I believe that by healing ourselves, we heal our families, our communities, our countries, and the planet. It’s a responsibility we have to move inward and begin our healing for the benefit of the world. That’s what life is all about.


– Eva, Florida


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