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Healing Journeys of Ayurveda: Peggy’s Story

Part of what we do at the Center is empower you towards a life well-lived. We don’t want your experience to end when you drive away from the mountains – which is why so many of our programs include an educational component so that you can continue to enjoy the transformative effects of Ayurveda at home. Peggy recently joined us at the Art of Living Retreat Center to celebrate the beginning of a new season of her life. What she found was not only a week’s worth of rejuvenation and self-reflection, but a new knowledge base to bring her experiences home. 


More Than a Retreat

I recently retired, so I’m going through a huge transition in my life. I thought that coming to the Art of Living Retreat Center would be a good opportunity to engage in a little introspection and enjoy some relaxation, that it would be a good way to start moving into this next phase of my life. In the end, I left with much more than just a week of relaxation under my belt.

The spa treatments were outstanding – I was really, really impressed. I’m used to massages, but these treatments were more than that – they were meditative, and the therapists were not only healers, but they were teachers. Although the treatments themselves were pretty quiet, I felt that my therapist was showing me how to carry on after I leave. She was passing on her knowledge just with her touch.

Immerse Yourself in Ayurveda

I’ve participated in spiritual retreats before, but I’ve never done anything like this, where you’re eating all the right things, doing yoga in the morning, kriya, et cetera. It’s just a great opportunity to immerse yourself in healing practices. Everything about my stay exceeded my expectations. Particularly the knowledge base – I didn’t know I would learn so much that I could take home with me.

For example, I’ve read a little about Ayurveda, and I’ve tried to adapt it into my life a little. But reading it in a book and having it taught to you are two completely different things. With someone boiling it down, answering your questions – that’s a huge step up from trying to incorporate Ayurveda into your life by yourself.


Ayurveda can seem complicated when you’re trying to figure it out yourself. There’s so much theory around it, but here at the Retreat Center, you’re immersed. Every day, you have treatments and meditation, kriya, learning sessions, and I found myself just absorbing the knowledge. I thought it was all very practical, like I could actually go home and continue with Ayurveda in a more effective way.

Interested in learning more about Ayurveda and the programs at the Art of Living Retreat Center? Check out our annual catalog here!


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