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In House: Kristin Oliver on Connection

One of the biggest gifts I received in 2016 was the opportunity to work with 23 amazing women during my very first retreat this October in beautiful Boone, North Carolina at the Art of Living Retreat Center.

Finding Connection

Hosting a retreat has been a long time vision of mine and to see it come into fruition was incredible! As soon as I set the date, I immediately began meditating and setting intentions not only for the experience that the women at the retreat would have, but also for my own experience. I imagined feeling a heart to heart connection with every woman there, and I envisioned each one leaving changed for the better.

The amount of time and energy I put into this retreat made it one of the biggest endeavors of my life. What I received from it, and what so many of the women received from it goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined. For an entire weekend, we were immersed in deep connections with each other, our True Selves and a higher power (God, Life, the Universe). Using my own experiences as a guide, I was able to create meaningful content for this special weekend.

As soon as I signed the contract with the retreat center, opportunities arose that lead me to a deeper level in my own healing work. This personal healing inspired me to create content to help the other women heal. From my 13 day virus in July, right up to the day before the retreat, I experienced multiple triggers (also known as huge healing opportunities) to work through.

“This weekend was like a rebirth.”

How Connection Transforms Us

As I reflect on the retreat, I sometimes get moved to tears remembering the feeling of the connections that were created that weekend. Each woman was there for her own reason. Many experienced profound transformation in the areas of relationships, career, health, spirituality and more.

The mere act of setting aside a whole weekend for themselves, especially when time and money could be spent elsewhere, was inspirational to me. The immeasurable changes these women experienced were taken that back to their lives and families. To be able to witness their beauty, vulnerability and transformation was surreal.

The biggest take away for me from the whole weekend was that when we make ourselves a priority, and do our inner work, it IS POSSIBLE to shift even the most difficult challenges in our lives!


Here is what a few attendees shared about their experience:

“I had an amazing time, felt loved and accepted and feel I have taken so much away from being here. I have a new, beautiful outlook on life and I’m excited.”

“This retreat allowed me the space and time to take care of myself. I was able to go deeper into my healing without my everyday life distracting me. I felt a strong sense of community and support.”

“This weekend was like a rebirth.”

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