In the old days, the idea of a daily ritual was….well…meh. Going through the motions. Doing what everyone else was doing. Often a series of ongoing empty gestures to placate the expectations of our tribe.

But don’t let tradition turn you off. Even those old rituals are powerful for those who practice them in presence.

Creating a daily personal ritual to feed your spirit is the life-blood of any soul-growth practice.

The key to building a successful daily practice, or Sadhana, is to create something that you ENJOY. Curate your ritual based on what you need at this moment in your life (healing, confidence, change, etc.) and also what engages your energy.
do what feels good

Your body talks to you through intuitive pleasure ~ through what resonates in your bodily sensation. Does this stretch feel good? Yes? Then, do it! No? Then dump it. You don’t have to do anything that anyone else does ~ only what feels right for you!

Not sure how to get started? I am happy to help you create a custom spiritual practice based on your unique personality and life purpose.

Blissing out is the end goal of a ritual practice.

Whatever you do, remember to craft your practice into sessions that not only align you with higher vibrations, but that, ultimately, leave you feeling better at the end than you did before you started.

Your ritual will most likely change with time. For some months or years, you may gravitate to certain things that elevate or activate a part of you; then there may come a time when you are working on new things, and feel the impulse to change things up. This is great!

RITUAL ELEMENTS: The best time of day for your ritual is in the morning when the energy of the day is rising, but you can do it any time that works with your schedule. Anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, 5 days a week, is great, depending on where you are at in your spiritual practice.

SACRED SPACE: Be sure to designate a ‘sacred space’ to practice every time (ie. a special room or part of a room, ideally with light, high vibes, etc.) Decorating a room with beautiful spiritual decor is a nice touch and helps you to enjoy being in the space.
10 fun practices for your daily ritual

Remember, select only the practices that resonate with YOU and make you feel good, so that you can’t wait to get into it every day! You can pick and choose small sessions with the practices below for a singular, rounded out daily practice that doesn’t take much time at all!

1. Meditation: 5-10 Minutes focused on your breathing or visualization is great!
2. Journaling: Letting all of those ideas flow is a great way to engage the day.
3. Yoga: Incorporate 5 or 6 poses that feel good to you.
4. QiGong: This gentle flow practice is great for any age or level of health.
5. Aromatherapy: Consider powering up a diffuser with your favorite essential oil
6. Insight Card: Pull a card for the day to get your Intuition grooving
7. Energy Medicine: Use a stainless steel spoon to ground your feet
8. Mala Beads: Create a mantra and say it 108 times each day
9. Music: Turn on your favorite new age or bliss music to set the tone
10. Dance: Let go, surrender to the vibes, and dance like no one is watching!

I hope you enjoy every moment of your daily ritual!

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