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How to Plan a Yoga Retreat

Many of us have dreams of gathering together with our students and clients in some amazing location, but it takes logistics and planning to make what looks effortless come together.

Leading and facilitating a yoga retreat is a deeply fulfilling and rewarding experience. However, organizing a yoga retreat can be a challenging endeavor, often stressful and overwhelming. You are responsible for choosing and booking a venue, planning the daily schedule, marketing your retreat, managing enrollment, and so many other aspects that are involved in any multiple-day event.

Sejal Shah, a yoga teacher trainer at Sri Sri School of Yoga, joins Pamela Crane, actor and broadcast journalist, on this episode of The Yoga Pro Podcast to share the ins and outs of planning a yoga retreat. She shares some amazing tips and wisdom from her own experience of organizing and witnessing hundreds of yoga retreats at the Art of Living Retreat Center. 


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Free Handbook

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Sejal has also created a guide based on her experiences and packed it with information, checklists, and suggestions to help you bring your retreat to the next level. Topics covered in the handbook include

  • Purpose and intention
  • Visualize your experience
  • It is all about teamwork
  • Planning ahead is key to success
  • Venue selection
  • Itinerary and program design
  • Marketing your retreat
  • Financials and profitability
  • Legal forms and liabilities.

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