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I’m a Neurologist. Here’s why I trained as a yoga teacher.


Roople Unia is a practicing neurologist, fellowship trained in movement disorders and cerebral vascular disorders, and Sri Sri Yoga teacher. Why? Following her Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training, we had the opportunity to ask this very question.

Roople is passionate about practicing medicine but realized to support her patients further, in areas beyond the realms of medicine, she needed a new tool. She wanted to provide her patients with something extra—freedom from pain, not just physical pain, but the emotional stresses of everyday life. “I wanted to be able to provide patients freedom from pain, not just physical but the emotional stresses of everyday life.”

Roople shares her story in her own words…

A Yogic Education with a Foundation in Science

I chose the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training because it has a very practical approach to yoga. It has a foundation in science, anatomy, and physiology but it also just brings that joy to practicing yoga. So this program in particular appealed to me because it’s so simple and yet so practical.

The Real Wow Moments For Me

For me, the thing the training really brought to me was confidence, a sense of I can really do this, anyone can really do this so that’s one of the real wow moments for me. In the training, there was a wide range of people from all walks of life, all ages, and cultural backgrounds and it’s for every body.

I feel refreshed, I feel energized, and I feel excited. I have experienced the feeling of being my most authentic self.

I’ve supercharged my batteries. After week one, a classmate looked at me and said you look refreshed. I said yes, I do feel that way, I feel refreshed, I feel energized, I feel excited. I did this to share this knowledge with other people and to invite them here to experience what I have experienced, that opening up, the feeling of being your most authentic self.

This has been a transformative experience for me.

Giving Back to My Community

I’m planning to not only provide opportunities for my patients to take Sri Sri Yoga but also for the healthcare workers. There is a huge problem in healthcare right now, there is a high rate of burnout and people really need this now. So this is the time for me to take this to my coworkers and say we need to be there for our patients and in order for us to do that we have to take care of ourselves.

We need to be there for our patients and in order for us to do that we have to take care of ourselves.

Life After Yoga Teacher Training

Roople is now working in ER and sharing the gifts of yoga with her patients and co-workers. In an already exceptionally busy role, Roople has shown us that by using the yogic tools gained in the training program to support her well-being, she is able to continue with her profession and share yoga.

We are grateful to Roople for sharing her inspiring story, one that reflects how the integration of East and West can bring about true health within communities.

One question remains. How will you share yoga within your community?

Teach and inspire, or simply deepen your yoga practice.

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