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Inspired Action

We take some type of action every moment of our lives but is it inspired action? Everything that we do—or not—is some form of action. Each and every thought is actually an action, a movement and flow of energy. When you walk across a room, accept a job offer or call someone for a date, you are taking action. Our lives are made up of constant movement and constant activity. Even if you decide to stay home, your decision was an action. Sitting still and looking out the window or filling the dishwasher in the morning or choosing to fill it in the afternoon is a chain of thought, decision, movement and activity.

For over 3 years, no matter what I was doing, my inner voice kept saying, “You’ve got to write this book.” To that voice I would respond, “I know, I know, but I have a fulltime career as a counselor. I have to run my company. I have grand-kids. The grass hasn’t been mowed for 2 weeks. I don‘t have time to write a book.” Year after year, that voice continued in the back of my mind and the yearning continued in my heart. The demands of our lives grow while our heart’s desires begin to fade away.

What would happen if you allowed yourself to notice the tug within your heart and take that inspired action?

Each time I thought of taking time off to write my book, my heart soared and I had a smile on my face. The frown came next as I wondered how on earth I would manage life’s responsibilities. I now know, when you make the decision to follow your heart, all the pieces begin to fall into place. It’s as if the Universe sighs in relief and lines up the right people, places and things for you to follow your dreams. You must consciously make the decision to follow your inspiration. This sigh of relief echoes and reverberates across the cosmos because you finally listened to your soul’s intention. You have lined up your physical life on Earth with the higher path of your soul. You have allowed the two to blend naturally.

I closed my office, bought a laptop, turned my dining room into my studio/office and began to write. I wrote for hours and hours each day. I typed until I became “sea sick” watching the computer screen. Throughout the day I look out my window and watch the birds at the feeder or the occasional deer as it passes by. The house is so quiet and I am so at peace.

I wrote down everything I knew about Reiki and then wrote another book about medical intuition. I created two books that summarized all that I have been teaching for over 20 years.

I not only wrote those first two books but now I am I am writing my fifth book! I stopped the hectic activities of my other life and followed my heart. I took inspired action. My books have led me to teaching all over the world.

Now I am on to my next book about applying medical intuition for yourself. My life changed and the world opened up in so many new and surprising ways that I never dreamed could come true.

Follow your own inspiration and watch as spirit guides your life, step by step by step.

Reposted with permission from tinazion.com.