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When personal and world events trigger your emotions, it is important to remember that you have tools that empower and support you. The greatest of those being your own personal guidance system—your intuition.

Intuition is what guides us through our day-to-day and helps us separate all the noise from what’s important. It is like a filter. Intuition guides you in ways that no amount of knowledge, or no amount of knowing of information, will because your intuition is what helps you discern what is best for you. It allows you to process factual information and feel if it aligns with or “fits” you.

When you get that gut feeling, or you sense that something is off, or you feel that everything is right on target, that is your intuition. Have you ever felt the need to turn left on a route where you’d usually turn right? Or got the sudden urge to call someone because that “little voice” told you to do so? That is how our intuition comes through and communicates with with you.

The purpose of your intuition is to support you and your highest and greatest good. The challenging part is that you might not always know how to discern between what YOU (your head) are thinking and what your heart (or Spirit) is saying to you.

One of my favorite ways to make this distinction is by placing my hand on my heart and asking, “Is this my intuition speaking?” Most of the time I will get a solid response–either a feeling in my body or in my knowing of “Nope, that’s your head, Sunny” or “Yes, this is from my Spirit.”

Another challenge with intuition is that it can be clouded by the ego. That’s usually when your head is attached to an outcome (often subconsciously) or the information you are receiving is skewed by external sources like others’ opinions, the media, current events. Remember, intuition comes from within, unaffected by anything from the outside. The great thing is that everyone can develop their intuition. And there are lots of fun, playful ways to do that.

If you are already intuitive, there is always room for growth and elevation of this amazing power. Much like a muscle, when you are open to sharpening your intuition, the results are noticeable. You get to tap into your angels more, connect with your loved ones in spirit more easily, and call on your spirit guides at any time.

I talk about this all the time because I truly believe that intuition is the game changer in this human journey. Those who listen to only their mind, logic, and the information bombarding them often struggle because they are not connected to their spirit. Intuition doesn’t always make sense. It is often the thing that you would say, “Hmm. I don’t know. That doesn’t make sense at all.” Or, “I never thought of it that way.” Because it isn’t always a common sense thing. It’s a sixth sense thing.

So, exercise your intuition. Give it focused attention. Have fun, be lighthearted and playful because we really need that right now, right? Consciously developing your intuitive muscle will help you in every single area of your life; relationships, finances, business, education, your spiritual connection, your home life, your ability to raise you children.

Help your children develop their intuition, too, so that they don’t solely depend on the information that is fed and taught to them. Encourage them to be aware of what does or doesn’t feel right to them without the influence of their peers or society.

Everyone can develop and enhance their intuition.

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