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Maintaining Energy

Throughout the years, I have learned how important it is to be loving to myself by maintaining my own energy so as not to absorb the energy around me. I’m talking about the energy of the living, as well as the deceased. As sensitive beings we have a tendency to absorb the energies around us, and we unknowingly take on negative energy when we are experiencing fear in some way. Maintaining and protecting your own energy and vibration is very important. Many people live in a world where they absorb the negative thoughts and feelings of both living and deceased ener­gies. At times, this energy can feel overwhelming and scary; therefore, people start to live in fear of the spirit world.

I tend to use words “protect” and “maintain” interchangeably. The word protection is per­ceived as the safeguarding of somebody or something–the act of preventing somebody or something from being harmed or damaged; or the state of being kept safe. However, when I use the word protection, I mean it in a sense of maintaining your own energy, being mindful of your energy and how you absorb or take on the energy of others around you. Protection means to witness rather than absorb. Be an observer of energy, of Spirit—not an absorber of it.

Energy shifts and moves constantly throughout the day. It can shift as your mood changes, as you interact with others–both living and deceased. You live in a constantly changing energy field. Yet how often do you think of keeping your energy field clear and clean? Whose energy are you tapped into? How often do you feel tired after hanging up the phone or grab­bing a bite to eat with a friend? Do you ever notice the dense energy you feel when you walk into a bar, a prison, even a hospital? My point is, it is critical to maintain/protect your energy when you get up in the morning—and if you feel it necessary, again several times throughout the day. I promise you, you will feel a greater sense of freedom as you begin to unplug and disconnect from all the energies around you.

Over the years I have had many calls to clear someone’s house, office, car, property, and their physical bodies from spirits that are overstepping their bounds. Now, I wouldn’t say that I have ever felt scared when clearing a space, but I have certainly witnessed the fear in many of my clients. I believe part of the fear is the unknown and interpreting it as negative. But there is another side to this, and that is boundaries. Boundaries are based on love, not fear. Some spirits, especially low vibrational sprits, don’t have boundaries. Think of human beings. Just as there are people that don’t have boundaries, the same exists in the Spirit world. They do not necessarily mean to harm you–like they show on tv and/or in the movies. It is just misdirected energy that needs love. Negative spirits are low vibrational beings that haven’t chosen yet to accept love or the love of that healing space I talk about in my book The Love Never Ends. They can, and some choose, for a variety of reasons, to stay in a heavier vibrational space.

In order to create boundaries, all you need is love. Love is the Master Healer. It heals everything, including fear. Fear is a low vibration, just as love is a high vibration. Fear brings on more fear just as love too expands. However, fear cannot exist in the face of love. So, the simplest way to clear negative energies is to bring love into the space—pure unconditional love. Sometimes what seems so simple can be the most challenging for people but think of it this way: The lower vibration or darker an energy, the further away it is from the highest vibration of love or light. The further away from love, the more love is needed there. When you then infuse a space, an energy, an entity, or a person with love and light, one of two things happens: Either the energy absorbs the love and the negative vibration is transmuted, or the energy flees as its darkness cannot dwell in love and light.

How do I bring in the love and clear the space then, you might wonder? There are several different ways and no one right way as long as you bring love to the space, the situation, or the person. Some people are comfortable with prayer. If that feels good to you, I have shared two prayers below that have been very helpful in my life. I also have used the Lord’s Prayer from time to time. Some people like to use physical tools, such as sage, incense, crystals, sacred ritual, or spirit spritzers like my Vibe-Raiser essential oil to help remove the negative energy. To me, it isn’t about what you are using, it is about the love energy you are bringing to the space. So, use whatever tools you feel will work in supporting you in coming from a place of love and releasing fear. And, if you don’t think you are in a place to do that for whatever the reason, then inviting someone in–a friend, a minister, a counselor, a medium that can stand in the space with love–will take care if it too.

Saying either of the following prayers with love and positive intention is really all that needs to be done. Truthfully, if you just vibrated to the energy of love and intention, you wouldn’t even need the words but the words help the human aspect of us that feels the need to “do” something. Again, when saying any prayer or blessing, the key is to bring love into the words, to infuse them, if you will, with love, light, and positive intentions. As you do this, the vibration of love and light transmutes any darkness. You don’t want to just mindlessly repeat a prayer or mantra. It must be active, or vibrating.

Archangel Michael Invocation
Archangel Michael Visualization & Prayer

Each morning, before stepping out of bed, I recommend the fol­lowing visualization along with the invocation of Archangel Michael. Lie in bed or sit up, quiet your mind and visualize a sapphire-blue bubble completely sur­rounding you. Imagine yourself completely embraced by this beautiful, brilliant energy and, as you do, know that this is the energy of Archangel Michael and that you are completely surrounded and protected from negative energies. You do this not from a place of fear, but from a place of loving kindness to yourself. It serves not only to protect yourself from negative energies, but also to strengthen and maintain your own personal energy field so that it con­tinually revitalizes and supports you throughout the day. This also helps you release any fear-based thoughts by bringing in the intention of love and taking action in the present moment. As you visualize this protective layer of sapphire blue around you, I suggest you say this invocation, or some form of it:

“I now invoke the loving blue light of Archangel Michael to sur­round and protect me. I ask that he bring me courage and strength and protect me from any negative energies seen or unseen. I ask that the brilliant blue energy of protection be placed above me, below me and completely surround my entire physical body so that only pure love and light of the highest good surrounds me. And so it is.”

Healing White Light
White Light Prayer

“I call on the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and helpers to surround me in white light and to guide me and protect me. I ask that you work through me to clear any anger, fear, judgment, or guilt. I ask that my Spirit be an open and clear channel of love to provide the highest good for all. I send love to anything that is not of love and light. Thank you for surrounding me. I am filled with the Spirit of love and light, always and in all ways. And so it is.”

Whichever prayer and/or physical tool feels most in alignment for you will be effective as long as you infuse your words and actions with love. Join me in adding the invocations to your consistent daily practice and you, too, will be part of what I call the lighthouses in our world. Together we can transmute the fear and darkness!

Create Peace, Love and Light wherever you are!

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