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May 2020: A Note from Kim

Dear ones,

I write to you during these extraordinary times to share our transitions here, why we do what we do, how we are ready to support you, and why this is a powerful time.

As you may know, we temporarily closed our retreat center in mid-March and took our signature Happiness Retreat online about a week or so after closing. Shortly after that, we took our Ayurveda Educational Series: Ayurveda Culinary Retreat, Managing Inflammation, and Women’s Health online. And now, we are offering Ayurveda Health Consultations with a seasoned Ayurveda practitioner via video conference, and what I am most excited to share, our Ayurveda Seasonal Home Cleanse.

I wanted to let you know that we are still here for you and will continue (or start) to support your health and well-being. If we are able to be in the present moment and out of our fear, it is a powerful time for self-evaluation. How happy am I with the state of my health, quality of my mind, weight, fitness, relationships, work, service? Am I living a happy, healthy, meaningful life in which I experience joy and contentment? Do I have the proper tools to manage stress? 

This time can be an empowering opportunity for radical self-care if we can move beyond the confinements of time and space.

As a leadership team, we are super aware and sensitive to the fact that humanity is being shaken. Perhaps for some of us, it is an awakening. We are here to support your process, health, well-being, and ultimately your transformation—when you are ready. We provide time-tested, over 5,000 years, of knowledge and principles according to the oldest, natural healthcare system on the planet—Vedic science—specifically Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques.

And we cannot wait to support you. For most of us here, it is our divine purpose.

Yours in health,

Kim Rossi
Director of Shankara Ayurveda Spa

7-Day Ayurveda Home Cleanse

Our seasonal cleanse package includes everything you need to reset and heal your body—right at home!

Women's Health

An online self-care weekend of deep healing, transformation, bliss, and pampering,

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations

Work with an Ayurvedic practitioner to find balance through diet, lifestyle, and self-care techniques.


Our signature online programs, online consultations, and at-home cleanse packages bring all the knowledge of our expert faculty and the benefits of holistic learning straight into your home.
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Group Inquiry Request