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Medical Intuition: Discovering the Deeper Story

My closed eyes popped open in shock. I’d just seen a woman’s lungs like an x-ray machine! I saw the individual fibers and the alveoli (the tiny air sacks within the lungs) that actually appear as grape-like clusters. Inflamed orange-red filled her lungs, with the right side much more irritated than left. I could see darkened areas within the red. It was a few minutes before I realized that I was literally seeing inside this woman’s body, deep within her lungs. 

I said, “Are you a smoker?”

“Oh yeah, I plan to quit soon,” she declared with a laugh.

We were surrounded by thirty or so other women, all taking a break during a weekend workshop. I was one of the presenters for the program, but as I look back, I am no longer sure what the program was even about. I was simply shocked to know that I was seeing actual lung tissue. At that moment, I became a medical intuitive. The retreat center and all the lively, talkative women around me just faded away.

That was the beginning. I realized that I was looking into another human’s lungs like a photographer taking a digital image or an x-ray machine showing a troubled area. The psychic awareness continued to increase after that. With each session following that moment, I saw tissue, organs, cancer, psychic surgery, tumors, broken bones, dead relatives, guardian angels, spirit guides and heard messages from beyond. The more energy work I did, the stronger and clearer the information came in.

Our universe is changing, expanding and transforming. We are literally stepping into a new age of enlightenment. We have the ability to discern our world intellectually, utilizing the collective intelligence of the Internet, which offers an entire range of insights and information. Through Western medicine, we discover what ails us and treat it. Medical intuition and energy medicine works not just in treating illness but in healing illness. These modalities can work in conjunction with our medical system.

Our medical system is astounding at finding and diagnosing disease, but discovering how the disease developed or what factors help create the illness seem nonexistent. While allopathic medicine understands that stress may cause a stomach ulcer, it does not take it to the next step. If the mind-body can make us sick, it can also make us well. Medical intuition looks at the symptoms, but ventures beyond—going to the source of an illness.

No! You do not need to have a medical background to do medical intuition. Humans are glowing balls of electromagnetic abilities, understanding and insights. We have the ability to heal ourselves and to assist others in their healing. We can now trust, understand, and honor our innate intuitive strengths and the ability to put them to work for our personal well-being and the well-being of all.

Medical intuitives discover secret truths that are hidden within multidimensional patterns, vibrating in complex relationships within the human body. Medical intuition is one of the most therapeutic of all the healing modalities. When you help an ill person understand the essence beneath their issues and struggles, you will see a light bulb go off in their face or you will hear the “aha” in their voice. Time and time again, you will see a sparkle in the eyes of an ill person that only moments ago were clouded with worry or fear. As you share your intuitive knowledge, you will see your awareness provide meaningful insights which give relief and healing. People simply want to understand what is happening to them—why and what it might be about.

This is an art that can be learned and then polished into precision. I became an accurate medical intuitive because I genuinely tuned into people every single day. In other words—practice, practice, practice, notice, notice, notice; and then practice some more. You are already noticing your intuitive hits! Be fascinated with anything that you become aware of. There is no right or wrong as you grow in your own unique awareness. Begin right now. Take action by noticing your natural awareness.

This is an excerpt from Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. Reprinted with permission.