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The Power of Natural Singing


Every human being is born with the capacity to sing in a way that aligns their inner and outer messages and frees the soul. Yet most of us don’t take advantage of the instrument we are born with. Some of us believe we are “tone-deaf,” a self-fulfilling prophesy. Some of us insist we just aren’t good enough to even try – we lack the nerve, patience and faith to simply practice. Most of us are terrified at the thought of being in the moment, revealing our real voice in front of others.

This, however, is the place from which we can grow the most. As we energize and give voice to unspoken words and feelings within us we can elevate and integrate the many aspects of ourselves – while improving our tone and rhythm at the very same time.

Natural singing can change the world

Because singing on key is an autonomic process that requires trust and being “in the moment,” we can overcome the debilitations of fear-based thinking and paralyzing self-consciousness. We can develop enormous creativity, musicianship and the ability to inspire others with who we really are. Songs can be used to integrate and dignify our light and our dark sides, our joy and our blues. When we sing our inner truths we are emotional, vulnerable and powerful. And when our messages are energized in song, it creates a more beautiful sound. And therein lies the magic.

Expressive arts are deeply influential when we are authentically and passionately ourselves. As we embrace our humanness—sing despite our imperfections and fears—we can hit the notes better and bring greater change to the world.

Learning to use your voice

In the Natural Singer Workshop and VoiceLeader corporate training programs, failure is off the table. We develop core messages, emotions and the ability to connect with others deeply and persuasively. We learn to use the diaphragm, vocal cords and resonance. We train the ear to match pitch, the voice box to remain free and the jaw to relax. Then, as we explore personal lyrical themes and improvise with them, we align left brain and right brain….our thoughts and our hearts. We light a fire with our inner messages and leave our fears behind.

The results are breathtaking and build a remarkable sense of community and common purpose. The breakthroughs go far beyond singing. The inability to speak up fully and “sing out” is deeply linked to some of our most challenging core issues. We triumph as our true essence, charisma and presence emerge. We become more articulate, authentic and spontaneous. The more comfortable we are at being more ourselves, the richer the content and the better the sound.

Singing showcases the beauty of your soul

This is the transformative power of fearless, natural singing. It’s your voice—the instrument with which you were born that connects your psyche, your spirit, your heart and your body. It’s your right, your treasure, and a direct access point to the beauty of your soul.

This article was first posted on naturalsinger.com, and has been republished with permission from the author.

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