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Neither Disturb Nor Get Disturbed

An angry mind
Is filled with smoke 

It spreads smoke
Like a smoldering fire
A mind embedded in past
Is filled with foul smell
It spreads foul smell
Like rotten food
mind filled with joy
Spreads fragrance
Like a flower.

Live like a yogi!

A yogi is very aware of what he thinks, speaks, and acts,  so that any of these don’t cause disturbance in  others’ minds. He looks at his intentions before he speaks or acts. If the intention is to hurt someone or put someone down, he doesn’t speak or act. If the intention is good, and if he must speak or act that may disturb others, he thinks of a skillful way to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.

A yogi also doesn’t get disturbed by what others say, do, or think. He is fully aware that people will say or do things that he may not like or agree with. He is awake in the acceptance of this truth that this will happen again and again. So when it happens, he doesn’t get disturbed.

A yogi is aware that what he thinks affects others, and others’ thoughts affect him. So he is very mindful of what he thinks, and doesn’t get affected by unnecessary thoughts that may be just passing through his mind, but may not be his own thoughts.

So, by not disturbing others, and by not getting disturbed by others, he remains peaceful within himself.

You can also live like a yogi. It is just a matter of continuous practice.

One who never disturbs anyone and one one who never gets disturbed by anyone, 
and one who is free from mundane excitement,
anger, fear, and anxiety
is very dear to Me.
Bhagvad Geeta 12-15

Just by living this wisdom of not disturbing and not getting disturbed, the other qualities mentioned in the above shloka will automatically dawn in you.

May you be blessed to live like a yogi, if yoga is your path!

Originally posted on Shudham.

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