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Opening Your Heart to the Juiciness of Life


Life should be more juicy, don’t you think so? Life should be thrill and juice and wonder and suspense.

You might think your heart is shut down. I tell you, my dear, that it is not. You don’t have to try to open it. Though we think we are shut down and try to open it, it never happens, because it is already open. For God’s sake, do not try to open your heart. Know that it is already open and beautiful. As a human being you have these qualities.

Opening your heart

What is really blocking the way is your petty desires and petty cravings and petty aversions and insecurities. These things are overshadowing your true self, but your open heart is already there, and these clouds will clear up when you realize this.

The importance of dispassion

See, dispassion is part of your life. A certain degree of dispassion, if it’s not there, then you wouldn’t be able to sleep. Dispassion means to let go. You have to let go of things sometimes. If you are holding on to everything that happens, you will suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Dispassion does not mean that you have lost your enthusiasm or warmth.

In life, three things are essential: passion, dispassion, and compassion. To do any work, you have to be passionate, but when you need to rest you must become dispassionate, and then have compassion towards yourself and others at all times.

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